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Neal Stephenson on the differences between SF fans and others
People who do read science fiction and fantasy can pick up a book and begin reading it, and it will have all of these words that they have not seen before and names that they are not familiar with, and it's set in a world whose geography they don't know and whose customs they don't know--and it can be a bit hard to follow at first, but those kinds of people know that if they just keep reading and are patient, over time all of that will be explained. And doing that is actually part of the pleasure of reading such a book.

People who don't habitually read fantasy and science fiction find it a bit off-putting. I noticed very early when people were reading early drafts of this book that the ones who were habitual science fiction and fantasy readers blew through it with no trouble, and the ones who weren't frequently said, "I would like a glossary. I'd [kike] a timeline. I'd like a map. I'd like more explanation of the background of this world."
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august 2008 by andrewducker

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