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Movie written by AI algorithm turns out to be hilarious and intense
Reminds me of the bad lip-reading videos actually.

Or the fun I used to have with "Babble" which produced similarly cut-up predictive text.
movie  ai  funny  acting  writing 
june 2016 by andrewducker
The swashbuckling rock rebels of Radio Caroline
Nice bit of history, to go along with the release of the latest Richard Curtis movie
movie  radio  pirate 
march 2009 by andrewducker
Watchmen lawsuit settlement is "close"
*Crosses all of his fingers. Then goes and borrows other people's fingers*
watchmen  movie  lawsuit 
january 2009 by andrewducker
Crazy Red Band Teaser Trailer for Crank 2: High Voltage!
Possibly the most ridiculous trailer I have ever seen that wasn't Japanese
trailer  movie  insane 
january 2009 by andrewducker
FOUR LIONS: A New Chris Morris Project
"As Spinal Tap understood heavy metal and Dr Strangelove the Cold War, Four Lions understands modern British jihadis." - Chris Morris is the genius behind BrassEye and The Day Today...
movie  funny 
october 2008 by andrewducker
Ursula K. Le Guin on the Earthsea anime
Mr Goro Miyazaki asked me just as I was leaving, "Did you like the movie?" It was not an easy question to answer, under the circumstances. I said: "Yes. It is not my book. It is your movie. It is a good movie."
movie  ghibli  books 
september 2008 by andrewducker
New Watchmen posters
I have the original versions of these posters, from the DC marketing campaign for the comic - seeing them done as movie posters is great!
Watchmen  movie  posters 
august 2008 by andrewducker
New Cohen Brother's Trailer
And it's a comedy. And it looks fucking fantastic.
Movie  trailer  CohenBrothers 
may 2008 by andrewducker
In which the movie gets a right kicking, in a thoroughly amusing manner
movie  deception  reviews 
april 2008 by andrewducker
Very well put together animation of Calvin and Hobbes. They got the art just right
calvinandhobbes  movie  animation 
may 2007 by andrewducker
Flatland: The Movie
The Third Dimension is Real! Real I tells ya!
animation  movie  maths  flatland  science  trailer  trailers  fiction  books 
january 2007 by andrewducker
A short movie made by my friend Padmini, co-starring me for 3 seconds at the end
movie  AndrewDucker 
january 2007 by andrewducker
Transformers Trailer
Of course, I'm completely conflicted by Michael Bay's involvement...
comics  transformers  movie  trailer 
december 2006 by andrewducker
Bunny letter opener
In the future, all of our technology will be organic. Just like this.
animals  Funny  movie  bunny 
november 2006 by andrewducker
Apple's trailer for Frank Miller's "300"
Oh. My. God. You don't get much sillier than that. _Definitely_ one to see at the cinema.
movie  300  FrankMiller  trailer  comics 
october 2006 by andrewducker
The 1K project
What do you get if you record 1000 cars driving the same track, and combine them together? You get art, that's what. Absolutely stunning. (The game is Trackmania Sunrise, by the way)
3D  animation  art  cars  film  graphics  movie 
september 2006 by andrewducker
Android 207
Short (10 minute) film that's reminiscient of Cube, only with a robot. Can't say more than that without spoiling it. Oh, and it's not "horror" if you're worried about that kind of thing
robots  movie 
june 2006 by andrewducker
Coming In Like El Nino
Someone found this marvellous children's essay online and created an animatin of it. It's fantastic!
el_nino  education  flash  movie 
march 2006 by andrewducker
Fellowship of the Ring - HD vs DVD
Proving, conclusively, that we all need to go out and buy better TVs
movie  HDTV  DVD 
february 2006 by andrewducker
Tripod perform at a Comedy Festival - Google Video
A very funny song, containing lines I have, in fact, used myself. If you are, or go out with a game-playing geek, you will laugh a lot.
funny  gaming  geek  humour  movie  music  relationships  sex  video 
january 2006 by andrewducker
Muppets Overtime
Very affecting short film in which various muppet-like creatures mourn the death of their creator.
animation  graphics  movie  muppets  video 
january 2006 by andrewducker (video/quicktime Object)
A short song set to a bunch of semi-random creative-commons photos taken from Flickr
funny  movie  music  photography  creativecommons  flickr  filetype:mov  media:video 
december 2005 by andrewducker
Romance of the Jedi
Takes scenes from Revenge of the Sith and turns it into a particularly slashy trailer. Rather funny.
movie  slash  star_wars  sf  funny 
december 2005 by andrewducker
Le Building - movie
Fantastic short movie (like, 90 seconds) - in French, but it really doesn't matter.
animation  movie  funny  quicktime 
july 2005 by andrewducker
Edwards Penishands review
Because porn based on Tim Burton movies is clearly where it's at
porn  funny  movie 
july 2005 by andrewducker
Nifty cel-shading-style animation of a swashbuckling duel
movie  pirates  cartoon 
july 2005 by andrewducker
_grau | robert seidel | d 2004 | 10:01 min
Award winning abstract movie showing creation and destruction using CGI in ways I haven't seen before
animation  art  movie 
april 2005 by andrewducker
The Perpendicular Song
In which the latest advance in HD technology is explained. Through song. Yowza!
funny  song  movie  flash  technology  animation  computers 
april 2005 by andrewducker
Dancing Monkey Skulking Tigers
A monkey takes on two tiger cubs, swinging in from the trees to tweak their tails and pull their ears. What I want to know is...why?
funny  movie  monkey  tiger  cat  filetype:wmv  media:video 
march 2005 by andrewducker
Jon Udell: language evolution in
Another screencast - similar to the guide to Wikipedia, this time covering and the semantic web  semantic_web  screencast  tagging  movie  language 
march 2005 by andrewducker
fun and games with Parachutes
I just sat and watched this completely open-moutherd - 9MB video of a parachuting video
parachute  scary  movie  filetype:wmv  media:video 
february 2005 by andrewducker
Muppets Overtime
Very moving little video, no dialogue, fantastic classical music
music  muppets  movie 
february 2005 by andrewducker
Jon Udell: Heavy metal umlaut: the movie
Movie demonstrating the evolution of a Wikipedia article over time
Wikipedia  movie  screencast 
february 2005 by andrewducker
Demonstration of real-time augmented reality
Video of 3D graphics and reality being merged in real-time at a demonstration
technology  3D  movie 
february 2005 by andrewducker
The Corpse Bride trailer
Animated Johnny Depp accidentally gets engaged to undead Helena Bonham Carter in "Could this get any better?" Tim Burton movie.
movie  quicktime  Johnny_Depp  Tim_Burton  Helena_Bonham_Carter  trailers  filetype:mov  media:video 
february 2005 by andrewducker
Sinister Ducks
Many years ago Alan Moore was in a band "The Sinister Ducks" which produced a song "The March of the Sinister Ducks". This is a flash animated video for it
music  Alan_Moore  Sinister_Ducks  funny  movie 
february 2005 by andrewducker

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