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The Scanner Photography Project
Taking "long-exposure" photographs with a scanner.
photography  digital  technology  hacking  camera  scanner 
april 2010 by andrewducker
Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones
Militants in Iraq have used $26 off-the-shelf software to intercept live video feeds from U.S. Predator drones, potentially providing them with information they need to evade or monitor U.S. military operations.
military  hacking  encryption  usa  iraq  EpicFail 
december 2009 by andrewducker
Gary McKinnon's extradition put on hold
Will they? Won't they? Ooooh, it's _so_ exciting!
crime  extradition  hacking  USA  UK 
october 2009 by andrewducker
How to hack a Sony Reader
Not that you can do a vast amount extra with them - still pretty cool though.
sony  ebooks  hacking  prs-505  ereader 
august 2009 by andrewducker
Dowd’s Inhuman Flash Exploit
A dissection of a hack on Flash - exploiting a few mistakes in its code. Really nicely explained. I'm impressed.
security  flash  programming  hacking  exploit  actionscript 
july 2009 by andrewducker
moot wins, Time Inc. loses
How 4chan stuffed the ballot box and broke recaptcha...
hacking  security  internet  time  4chan  funny 
april 2009 by andrewducker
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