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Massive bosons blew my unit
Chris "BrassEye" Morris visits the Large Hadron Collider
science  physics  Guardian  lhc  satire  chrismorris  cern 
august 2009 by andrewducker
Shit has grown disproportionately and steadily since 2005
Guardian articles containing swear words as a percentage of total articles:
Guardian  visualization  statistics  funny  visualisation 
april 2009 by andrewducker
Fascist America, in 10 easy steps
The ten steps that any country can take to make it a fascist state. And how the US has taken them.
culture  opinion  politics  society  USA  scary  Guardian 
april 2007 by andrewducker
Hell is 57 varieties
Guardian article on the stress caused by choice and the mechanisms we use to deal with it
choice  Guardian  technology  Tivo 
april 2005 by andrewducker

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