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Water vapour caused one-third of global warming in 1990s, study reveals
The research, led by one of the world's top climate scientists, suggests that almost one-third of the global warming recorded during the 1990s was due to an increase in water vapour in the high atmosphere, not human emissions of greenhouse gases. A subsequent decline in water vapour after 2000 could explain a recent slowdown in global temperature rise, the scientists add.
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january 2010 by andrewducker
Feminism causes global warming, say experts
And he stressed that women had a crucial role to play in the fight against global warming, adding: "Let's not forget that men can only save the planet if we have a clean shirt and a decent breakfast."
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november 2009 by andrewducker
UK climate targets unachievable says Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Of course the government announces that they are too negative. For fuck's sake.
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november 2009 by andrewducker

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