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A fascinating discussion between Guy Verhofstadt and various members of the House Of Lords
Particularly of interest: The Good Friday Agreement and The Salisbury Convention
houseoflords  politics  europe  uk 
2 days ago by andrewducker
All charges for paying by card to be banned
A quick dig discovered that banks are only allowed to charge 0.2% fees to process the charge, so making the businesses just include that in their prices seems reasonable.
payment  money  uk 
8 days ago by andrewducker
Openreach mulls full fibre rollout for 10 million in UK
Gosh. That took a whole four months from being made separate from BT.
internet  uk 
9 days ago by andrewducker
The British View the War of 1812 Quite Differently Than Americans Do
As a Brit I have to admit that I had no idea that there _was_ a war with America in 1812
war  uk  usa  france  canada  history 
15 days ago by andrewducker
First tieless question in PMQs? (So, how long until ties die?)
I haven't had to wear a tie in years. I wonder what percentage of men still have to.
clothing  politics  uk 
22 days ago by andrewducker
Saudi Arabia is chief foreign promoter of Islamist extremism in the UK, warns report
Meanwhile, the government aren't publishing their own report, which presumably says much the same thing...
saudiarabia  terrorism  uk 
22 days ago by andrewducker
Vagina surgery sought by girls as young as nine
Seems like the obvious thing to do is to include pictures of a variety of real life examples in their sex education.
uk  society  porn  Education  girls  women  genitals 
24 days ago by andrewducker
Renewable energy sets new record for UK electricity generation (26% in first three months, low-carbon now at 46%)
Also, that top photo is _really_ odd. Those wind turbines are at Braes of Doune, a good 10km North of Stirling. How on earth was that photo taken?
windpower  renewables  uk 
27 days ago by andrewducker
Government U-turns on NHS abortions for Northern Ireland women
I am not looking forward to multiple years of whiplash from the government. (I am glad that this has gone through though)
abortion  government  uk  nhs 
28 days ago by andrewducker
UK in credit splurge as pay is squeezed (unsecured debt up 10%, spending power down 2%)
So, how long until the country collapses into oblivion as people frantically try and keep their lifestyles propped up despite the economy falling apart?
debt  uk 
28 days ago by andrewducker
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