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NHS Anti-immigration language rules to be relaxed after they prevented native-English speaking nurses
They were failing people for incorrect tenses and essay structure. What were they thinking?

(Other than the obvious hatred of foreigners)
language  uk  OhForFucksSake  nhs  immigration 
september 2017 by andrewducker
Government U-turns on NHS abortions for Northern Ireland women
I am not looking forward to multiple years of whiplash from the government. (I am glad that this has gone through though)
abortion  government  uk  nhs 
june 2017 by andrewducker
Labour cried wolf on the NHS three years ago – and could pay the price for it in May
They've also done the same in Scotland "Stay in the UK, the NHS is safe!" "Vote for us at Westminster or the NHS is DOOMED!"
nhs  Labour 
february 2015 by andrewducker
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