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38% of Labour supporters think Corbyn would be a better Prime Minister than May
Which, I think, comes down to perceived competence. May might be an awful human being who is unnecessarily tearing the country apart, but she still comes across as more capable of organising a piss-up in a brewery than Corbyn does.
labour  Conservatives  politics  uk  epicfail 
april 2017 by andrewducker
Web host 123-reg deletes sites in clean-up error
Just two days after someone faked it. Aah, the hilarity.
web  epicfail 
april 2016 by andrewducker
The Fukushima accident was preventable
"...if international best practices and standards had been
followed, if there had been international reviews, and had common sense
prevailed in the interpretation of pre-existing geological and
hydrodynamic findings"
nuclearpower  epicfail 
october 2015 by andrewducker
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