Squirrel, apparently, cannot die from falling
Although nobody seems to know what terminal velocity is for a squirrel
squirrel  video  height 
15 hours ago
NHS Anti-immigration language rules to be relaxed after they prevented native-English speaking nurses
They were failing people for incorrect tenses and essay structure. What were they thinking?

(Other than the obvious hatred of foreigners)
language  uk  OhForFucksSake  nhs  immigration 
Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic
Because, of course, the sea around the world is contaminated by plastic
pollution  plastic  ocean  food  salt 
Rick And Morty’s worst fans don’t deserve Rick And Morty
It really bothers me that most of the t-shirts I've seen are clearly aimed at people who want to be Rick.
tv  fandom  fail  abuse 
2 days ago
Feeling bad about failure is part of how we learn to do better
I know too many people for whom this reaction is clearly extreme.
failure  psychology  emotion 
6 days ago
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