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Research | Face Blind UK
Birkbeck College, University of London – Brain and Behaviour Lab: Prosopagnosia Research

Bournemouth University – Centre for Face Processing Disorders

City University London, University College London and Kings College London

University of East London – Face Recognition Research Team

University of Kent

US RESEARCH CENTRES is a website shared by prosopagnosia research centres at Dartmouth College, Harvard University and University College London. It is the home for the bi-annual newsletter Face to Face, covering new developments and summarising current research projects.

Dartmouth College – Social Perception Lab
Prosopagnosia  faceblind  research  university  UK  US 
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Horse Shoes – Detecting Diva
2 plates: illustrations & descriptions of UK horse, mule, donkey, pony, and ox shoes
horse-shoes  smithing  iron  draught  horses  UK 
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Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner - GOV.UK
The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) regulates immigration advisers, ensuring they are fit and competent and act in the best interest of their clients.
immigration  UK  visa  advisers 
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Prosopagnosia Research Center - Faceblind
Prosopagnosia Research Center
Dartmouth, Harvard, and University of London
prosopagnosia  US  UK  research  neuroscience  Duchaine  Dartmouth  Harvard  University-of-London 
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StationMasterApp | The Station Master Blog
Includes an INCREDIBLE number of features!
3D station maps, quick exits & changes, different types of accessibility (walking, luggage, pram, wheelchair, short:long stairs, escalators), and lots more
UK  London  Underground  Tube  subway  maps  accessibility  trains  travel  Apple-apps 
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Phyllostachys nigra | J Parker Dutch Bulbs
2019 one, 2-litre pot £19.99
non-invasive RHS AGM
2 metres tall
flowers June-August
UK  plants  perennials 
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Lupins Gallery White | J Parker Dutch Bulbs
2019 pack of six 5cm module plants £9.99
50cm tall, bloom JUNE - JULY
UK  garden  wholesale  perennials 
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Double Hollyhocks Red (Alcea) | J Parker Dutch Bulbs
2019 pack of 5 first-grade loose roots £6.99
double red 'Chaters' 160cm
UK  garden  wholesale  perennials 
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Delphinium Blue Jay | J Parker Dutch Bulbs
2019 6 of 5cm module plats £8.99
150cm tall, flowers JUNE - SEPTEMBER
rich, SKY BLUE
UK  garden  wholesale  flowers  perennials 
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Canna Pretoria | Parkers Wholesale
2019 £6.00 per 5 rhizomes
Variegated leaves, orange flowers
Canna tubers can be planted in April/May at a depth of between 7 and 10cm. They are often best started in pots and then TRANSPLANTED in borders or beds towards the end of MAY, requiring a sunny spot out of the wind.
Flowering time AUGUST - OCTOBER
UK  garden  wholesale  flowers  canna  bulbs-etc.  cutting-flowers 
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Canna Tropicanna® | Parkers Wholesale
2019 MC035 £10.00 per 5 rhizomes
Canna Tropicanna is a vigorous growing Canna which produces orange flowers with exotic and dense, orange and green striped foliage. They are ideally suited to the UK. 1.2m spears are topped with brilliant, colourful flowers in late summer which are sure to brighten up any border or patio. Top grade Tubers supplied.
UK  garden  wholesale  flowers  canna  bulbs-etc. 
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BBC - Black Country Features - Black Country dialect [A - B]
Black Country Word ~ Meaning
Awlroight ~ Literally 'alright', used as a greeting instead of 'hello'
Birmingham  Brummie  Black  Country  language  dialect  phrases  words  UK  dictionaries 
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Maps of England Britain and the UK
Project Britain: British Life and Culture, by Mandy Barrow
Includes activities, maps, facts & figures, London, Great Britain, Union Flag, A-Z of Britain, Customs & traditions, Britain today, Daily Life, Money, Etiquette, Monarchy govt etc, food & drink, history Kings & Queens, superstitions, Glossary
UK  Britain  map  culture 
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New Countryside Courses Available!
Hedgelaying December, January, February, March
Dry Stone Walls October & March

Rutland Water Nature Reserve
Egleton, Oakham, Rutland LE15 8BT
hedgerows  courses  UK  stone  walls 
january 2017 by andreasbuzzing
International Conference on Urban Pests
International Conference on Urban Pests
Conference in Birmingham
UK-Entomology  UK  invasive-species 
september 2016 by andreasbuzzing
Herbaceous perennials: A guide to the production of container grown plants | AHDB Horticulture
Herbaceous perennials: A guide to the production of container grown plants 2010
£ membership
UK  AHDB  horticulture  publication 
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Home | AHDB Potatoes
research, variety trials, pests, publications, events
UK  agriculture  potatoes  variety-trials  AHDB 
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The Bug Farm
research centre, working farm and visitor attraction with a particular interest in dung beetles in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is open at the weekends and during holiday periods.
Insect-Europe  dung-beetles  Wales  UK  attractions 
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