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CABINET // Heavy Breeding
In 1920, the brothers Lutz and Heinz Heck, directors of the Berlin and Munich zoos, respectively, began a two-decade breeding experiment. Working with domestic cattle sought out for their “primitive” characteristics, they attempted to recreate “in appearance and behavior” the living likeness of the animals’ extinct wild ancestor: the aurochs.
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july 2012 by anatomatic
In Memory-Bank ‘Dialogue,’ the Brain Is Talking to Itself - New York Times
New recordings of electrical activity in the brain may explain a major part of its function, including how it consolidates daily memories, why it needs to dream and how it constructs models of the world to guide behavior.
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january 2009 by anatomatic
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Large squid lights up for attack
Japanese make pact with cephalopods in bid to take over the world.
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february 2007 by anatomatic
Anatomical models of cartoon characters' skeletons
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september 2006 by anatomatic
Turning The Pages Online: Book Menu
digital versions of famous rare books, especially renaissance
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june 2006 by anatomatic
Animal Parasitology
Microphotography (esp. electron microscope) of parasites, yum
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june 2006 by anatomatic
Dream Anatomy: Gallery
gallery of anatomical drawings through the ages
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may 2006 by anatomatic
Alois Alzheimer
short bio of A. Alzheimer w. some scientific depth
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april 2006 by anatomatic
New Genetic Cause Of Alzheimer's Disease Discovered
Explains connection between Amyloid proteins and alzheimer's
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april 2006 by anatomatic

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