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a journey round my skull: Julien Gracq, A Dark Stranger
Julien Gracq, A Dark Stranger

New Directions, no pub. date given and no info on who did this wild cover. Maybe it is given on a section of the dustjacket now chipped off my copy. Please get in touch if you know the details. I plan to post about Gracq's Chateau d'Argol, his first novel. This was his second novel. (In the scan of the front flap below, I left the masking tape on the jacket showing because I like the way it looks.)
december 2008 by anatomatic
A Treasury of Hollywood Lettering | Hoefler & Frere-Jones
Lettering buffs and cinephiles alike may enjoy this lovely Flickr set containing final frames of classic films.
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october 2007 by anatomatic
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