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Heartbeat at my Feet - Arsenic - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Dr. Harvey Specter, DVM, gets assigned oversight of Mike Ross' sentenced community service hours at the local university's veterinary clinic.
fic  suits  harvey/mike  au  author:arsenicjade  wordcount:15k  ao3  saved 
october 2015 by anascho
The Bushwick Avenue Stomp - agatestones - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Things that could cause Harvey Specter to be unreachable for three days included: running off to Vegas to get married (maybe), a secret ops mission to Afghanistan, a horrible sensory-deprivation tank accident, or open-heart surgery.

"Oh my god, you are dying," Mike blurted.
fic  suits  harvey/mike  author:agatestones  wordcount:50k  ao3  saved 
october 2015 by anascho
All But Memories - pageleaf - Suits (TV), Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Wherein Mike is Merlin reincarnated, Harvey is Arthur, everybody else is everybody else, and they fall in love. Again.
fic  suits  merlin  crossover  author:pageleaf  wordcount:25k  merlin/arthur  harvey/mike  ao3  saved 
july 2015 by anascho
needs must - thatotherperv - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Grammy needs an upgrade in care, Mike knows that the usual one-off gig as a paid submissive won't be enough. He takes a job he's been refusing for a while - a long-term, full-time contract.

He expects his client to be a sadistic asshole. He expects not to like it. He's wrong on both counts.
fic  suits  harvey/mike  bdsm  author:thatotherperv  wordcount:100k  ao3  saved 
march 2015 by anascho
Upside Down and Inside Out - mskatej - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A story about the transcendent, giddy highs that come with diving headfirst into a love affair with exactly the right person.
fic  suits  harvey/mike  author:mskatej  wordcount:35k  bdsm  ao3  saved 
june 2013 by anascho
Limited Partnership - Pookaseraph - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Mike isn't entirely certain how he let Donna and Jessica talk him into marrying Harvey while his boss was in a coma, even if they swore he wouldn't mind. He thought the hardest part would be going to the hospital and confronting the sight of his boss and friend lying there, but instead it turned out to be confronting his growing feelings for a man he'd never imagined seeing in a romantic light. Harvey's just glad he woke up from his coma, and trying to not be too upset that he's now married to the Associate he's had a crush on for over a year.
fic  suits  harvey/mike  author:pookaseraph  wordcount:30k  ao3  saved 
november 2012 by anascho
My Brother's Keeper - Closer - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Donna and Harvey have been looking out for each other since they were kids. It's what family is supposed to do, after all.
Notes: Written for the Suits meme, prompt: Harvey is Donna's little brother, and that's why they are so close and protective of each other.
fic  suits  harvey/mike  author:closer  wordcount:30k  ao3  saved 
november 2012 by anascho
The Go To Guy - Closer - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Harvey's client is trying to take on the mob, in the form of John "Three-Guns" Boccacho. Johnny Three-Guns has decided Harvey's an easier target, but fortunately Harvey's top PI and all-around badass, Mike Ross, is on the case.
fic  suits  harvey/mike  author:closer  wordcount:25k  ao3  saved 
november 2012 by anascho
this tornado loves you - liketheroad - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A story about first loves and true loves, about friendship, growing up, and growing together. Atlernatively, this is a story about Mike figuring out what he deserves, and learning how to ask for it. (AU)

may contian cliches from the following: highschool AUs, college AUs, curtain fic, H/C.
warnings: excessive amounts of Trevor, casual disregard for how the legal system works, flexible regard for how American college systems work, and a mishmash of spoilers for season one, despite being a wacky AU. Also, inebrieated underage shenanigans and poor life choices.
fic  suits  harvey/mike  author:liketheroad  wordcount:60k  ao3  saved 
october 2012 by anascho
sam_storyteller: Suits: Or Down You Fall
Drug testing at Pearson Hardman does not have its desired preventative effect.
fic  suits  harvey/mike  author:sam_storyteller  wordcount:5k  saved 
september 2012 by anascho
5U175 - Closer - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Harvey sometimes moonlights as a Star Trek BNF. Mike might have an attitude problem on the internet. TiberiusGhost is strangely compelling, for a recluse who never goes to meetups, and Harvey's finding this kid Photohead vaguely familiar...
fic  harvey/mike  suits  author:closer  wordcount:25k  ao3  au  saved  favorite 
august 2012 by anascho

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