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The Sinner and the Saint - angel_deux - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A new villain with killer aim nearly takes Frank out, and he makes the call to go to Karen for help. Karen, who hasn't seen him in months, who has been wishing she could take back those words she said to him in the woods. She never thought she'd get the chance to repair what they both broke that night, so once he's back in her life, she's not going to let him disappear again so easily.
fic  daredevil  karen/frank  author:angel_deux  wordcount:70k  ao3  saved  thepunisher 
november 2017 by anascho
The Brotastic Adventures Of The Avengers And The Long Suffering Foggy Nelson - cosmicocean - Daredevil (TV), Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Honestly, Foggy’s just kind of grateful that the unconscious dude in the alley by his apartment isn’t beat up as bad as Matt was when he found him that first time.

He also kind of thinks it says a lot about his life right now that those are his feelings on the subject, but it’s best not to analyze that.

Where Foggy accidentally becomes bros with the Avengers, Foggy and Matt talk it out, and the Avengers and Matt don't seem to grasp the concept that the "s" in "friends" is there for a reason.
fic  avengers  daredevil  crossover  author:cosmicocean  wordcount:30k  ao3  saved 
august 2017 by anascho
In the City of Blinding Lights - Mizzy - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Matt's come up with a long list of lies to cover for his night-time activities. Foggy pretending to be Matt's boyfriend wasn't on that list for a very good reason.
fic  daredevil  matt/foggy  author:mizzy  wordcount:25k  ao3  saved 
july 2017 by anascho
Nazar - sergeant_angel - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
There is probably a universal law written somewhere about Hawkeyes exerting a gravitational pull towards trouble; or, Matt Murdock eventually acquires a Hawkeye, and this is how it happens.
fic  avengers  daredevil  matt/kate  author:sergeant_angel  wordcount:70k  ao3  saved 
may 2017 by anascho
The Price of War - shuofthewind - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Moving to Manhattan is supposed to be a stopgap until she gets her GED. Instead, she gets a sister (well, cousin, technically, but neither of them quibble), a degree, a firm, a devil, and a whole pack of monsters.

God, she really should be getting therapy.

[Or, the one where Darcy Lewis stitches up gut wounds, runs away from home, buys a gun, becomes a lawyer, helps start a blog, saves a life, may or may not have squishy feelings, and learns how to make a mean chocolate babka. Not necessarily in that order.]
*toread  avengers  daredevil  darcy/matt 
october 2016 by anascho

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