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Work It Out Trilogy - winterlive - Star Trek RPF [Archive of Our Own]
On the press junket for the first movie, Zach loses the key card to his hotel room.

fic  startrekrps  chris/zach  author:winterlive  wordcount:20k  ao3  saved 
september 2014 by anascho
Learning To Breathe - winterlive - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
A few years into their unofficial cold war, Clark offers to do anything Lex wants for one full day. Lex chooses to be a control freak, so, a day that ends in Y. Shameless excuse for porn. See end notes for warnings.
fic  smallville  clark/lex  author:winterlive  wordcount:25k  ao3  saved 
july 2014 by anascho
J2 fic where Japanese samari culture became predominant and carries on into the present day.
fic  j2  au  author:winterlive  wordcount:100k  saved 
january 2012 by anascho

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