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Mummer's Dance | Ratha_FireSong
Bilbo Baggins had always been alone and had longed for someone of his own to fill his empty heart. The Tooks had invited him to their annual Spring Gathering, but it is not a normal family reunion. It is a tradition of courting hobbits and hopes of marriage. This odd tradition is known as the Mummer's Dance and Bilbo must play his part although he feels that he will find no one. But the arrive of a group of strangers will change everything and Bilbo finds himself captivated by a foreign king.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Courting  Trope:Pining  Trope:Matchmaker  Author:Ratha_FireSong  Length:20.000-40.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Braid of the King | Ratha_FireSong
Thorin’s feelings has been growing for the hobbit in the company but even if he tries his best to court Bilbo, the hobbit doesn't seem to give him an answer. Taking advice from the old wizard, Thorin decides to be direct with his feelings through the act of braiding hair.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Pining  Trope:Braiding  Trope:Courting  Author:Ratha_FireSong  Length:1.000-5.000 
april 2019 by anandarres

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