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Demus | cal1brations
He feels Crowley turn to speak very close to his ear, sounding horribly desperate, "Ask me to stay, then."

Aziraphale smiles a knowing, triumphant smile.

"Would you like to stay the night, my dear Crowley?"
Series:GoodOmens  Pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:PWP  Trope:Kink  Author:Cal1brations  Length:5.000-10.000 
june 2019 by anandarres
A Hobbit Hot And Bothered | HobbitFeels
Bilbo sneaks off to the library in Rivendell (or in an AU Erebor where no one dies) and finds a book of either Elvish or Dwarvish illustrated porn. Thorin walks in on him reading it and Bilbo is beyond embarrassed. Possibly might be delightful if Bilbo and Thorin have not yet acted on their attraction to one another yet when this happens.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:PWP  Trope:Kink  Author:HobbitFeels  Length:1.000-5.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Naked | foxpuppet
Wade naked was a sight to behold; something akin to the traumatised beauty of broken glass, a burnt out forest, a dilapidated building. Or so Peter thought as Wade stripped away his costume and headed to the bathroom.
Series:Marvel  Pairing:Peter/Wade  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:PWP  Trope:Kink  Author:Foxpuppet  Length:1.000-5.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Living a Daydream | KuriKuri
“How many piercings do you think I have?” Hizashi asks, a certain mischievous glint in his eyes.

Shōta blinks at him for a moment, caught off guard, and then says, “Ten.”

Hizashi's lips quirk up into a smirk and he leans a little closer to Shōta, breath ghosting over the shell of his ear. Then, in a low, smooth baritone, Hizashi murmurs, “You missed one.”
Series:MyHeroAcademia  Pairing:SAizawa/HYamada  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Kink  Trope:Pining  Author:Kurikuri  Length:5.000-10.000 
september 2017 by anandarres
Sound Barrier | Glitchek
Hizashi has somehow ended up in Aizawa's bed, unable to control his quirk well without his Directional Speaker System.
Series:MyHeroAcademia  Pairing:SAizawa/HYamada  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Kink  Trope:PWP  Author:Glitchek  Length:1.000-5.000 
september 2017 by anandarres
Don't Hold Back | KuriKuri
“Person with designated prior consent in the case of medically severe aphrodisiac exposure?” Hizashi reads off the medical form, his eyebrows rising up towards his hairline. “Hey, Shōta, is this a misprint?"

“Just put me down,” Shōta replies, making Hizashi’s brain short-circuit for a moment.
Series:MyHeroAcademia  Pairing:SAizawa/HYamada  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:SexPollen  Trope:Kink  Trope:PWP  Author:Kurikuri  Length:5.000-10.000 
september 2017 by anandarres
Double Trouble | KuriKuri
“Oh, c’mon! When are we ever going to get another opportunity like this?” one of the two Hizashi's says.

“You’re right – this is a good opportunity,” Shōta snorts, fishing a box of teabags out of one of the kitchen cupboards. “One of you can cook dinner while the other works on grading.”

“Don’t play coy, babe,” Hizashi – Shōta isn’t sure which – says, making his way into the kitchen and pulling Shōta back against his chest, leaning in to nuzzle the side of Shōta’s neck. “I’m sure you can think of something more creative than that.”
Series:MyHeroAcademia  Pairing:SAizawa/HYamada  Relationship:Established  Trope:PWP  Trope:Kink  Author:Kurikuri  Length:5.000-10.000 
september 2017 by anandarres
Take It To The Mattress | durgasdragon
Kakashi isn’t thrilled when he’s set up—again—with a new partner, but once he meet the new one, he starts reconsidering things
Series:Naruto  Pairing:Kakashi/Iruka  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Kink  Trope:Fake_Relationship  Author:Durgasdragon  Length:10.000-20.000 
june 2017 by anandarres
And Your Better Is Best | megyal
Kakashi's looking for something hopefully wholesome and permanent, possibly through means of sex... and he's not going to let Iruka stop him.
Series:Naruto  Pairing:Kakashi/Iruka  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Kink  Author:Megyal  Length:1.000-5.000 
june 2017 by anandarres
Here We Are | Miss_Lv
Percival had long given up on the idea that he would find an omega mate, he never seemed to fit what they were seeking in a husband, always too rough, not gentle enough.

But then he meets Newt Scamander and the omega is utterly perfect to him, with his shy smiles and tendency to run headlong into danger. Catching vipers in his hands and keeping nifflers for company, Newt is nothing like the typical demure omega and Percival is lost before he can even think to resist.
Series:HarryPotter  Pairing:Graves/Newt  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Kink  Trope:MPreg  Trope:ABO  Trope:Family  Author:Miss_Lv  Length:20.000-40.000 
june 2017 by anandarres
To Touch and Be Touched | Merelymine
He has to—he needs to get away, and it would be funny if he wasn't so turned on.
Series:DC  Pairing:Tim/Kon  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Kink  Author:Merelymine  Length:1.000-5.000 
october 2016 by anandarres

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