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Author Alissa Nutting’s Grub Street Diet
RT @knguyen: I'm not sure why we trust the Pulitzers as an institution when Alissa Nutting's grubstreet diet did not win one
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9 days ago by amy
How to Write About Africa | Binyavanga Wainaina | Granta
RT @emilyraboteau: Let’s revisit his opus, a magnificent and wickedly smart screed against cliche:
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may 2019 by amy
Deborah Eisenberg, Chronicler of American Insanity - The New York Times

“‘People always talk about how horrible old age is, but I couldn’t disagree more,’ she said, the candlelight glimmering on her inclined face. ‘I find age is as intense as adolescence. You know you could hurtle off a cliff at any second.’”
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september 2018 by amy
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