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Author Alissa Nutting’s Grub Street Diet
RT @knguyen: I'm not sure why we trust the Pulitzers as an institution when Alissa Nutting's grubstreet diet did not win one
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7 weeks ago by amy
London Review of Books

Patricia Lockwood on John Updike
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october 2019 by amy
Deborah Eisenberg, Chronicler of American Insanity - The New York Times

“‘People always talk about how horrible old age is, but I couldn’t disagree more,’ she said, the candlelight glimmering on her inclined face. ‘I find age is as intense as adolescence. You know you could hurtle off a cliff at any second.’”
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september 2018 by amy
On writing: authors reveal the secrets of their craft | Books | The Guardian
How do you set about writing a novel? What inspires a poem? Pencil or computer? Pain or pleasure? Listen in to interviews with some of our most celebrated writers recorded for the British Library, and enter our competition to identify the mystery writer
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march 2011 by amy
Franzen's glasses stolen at launch |
Seriously - a police helicopter?? RT : Glasses found! Thieves apprehended!
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october 2010 by amy
AL Kennedy
thoughts on rewriting
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december 2009 by amy
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