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How “Good Intent” Undermines Diversity and Inclusion – The Bias
People often reach for positive statements like “assume good intent” because they’re worried about people being “shamed” over innocent mistakes. But society at large is already inclined to assume good intent in people with power and privilege–even when they’re not demonstrating it. If you want to build a culture of “assuming good intent,” start by assuming good intent in marginalized people.

Assume that they already tried being nice. Assume that their feelings are valid. Assume that, after a lifetime of practice, they are responding to harmful behavior in the way that is safest for them. Prioritize that safety over the momentary discomfort people feel when they realize they’ve done something hurtful.

Culture-setting documents like your code of conduct and corporate values should be designed around protecting marginalized people from harmful behavior. Leave out “assume good intent.” Instead, create a culture that recognizes and pushes back against the ways that marginalized people are dehumanized. Expect people to demonstrate their good intent by treating people with respect.
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RT : Join , our awesome Category Chair , and innovators from local & fed govt to discuss…
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RT : These Rotating Homes Produce Five Times The Energy They Use
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Tech Workers Coalition
We are a coalition of workers in and around the tech industry, labor organizers, community organizers, and friends. We are organizing for activism, civic engagement and education in the Bay Area. We work in solidarity with existing movements towards social justice, workers rights, and economic inclusion.
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RT : Changing the Cycle: How Is Building A Generation of African Women In
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Security Guide: Notes from November 28 meetup of Bay Area Tech Solidarity
Basic security precautions for non-profits and journalists in the United States, early 2017:
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RT : Hey entrepreneurs, be like , fund clinics.
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Untitled (
Amazing graph of developed/developing mobile phone trends implies poor world is on up side of "digital divide":
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Prototype bionic eye unveiled | COSMOS magazine
Australians unveil prototype bionic eye designed to restore sight to those with failing vision.
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