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Pacific Northwest Independent Bestseller List
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Washington State Legislature
District Finder
Enter your street address (all fields are required) to find your legislative or congressional district.
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june 2019 by amy
RT : A DROP in homelessness for the first time in 7 years! says there’s still a long way to go but…
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june 2019 by amy
RT : 😂 How snow affects the East Coast vs Midwest vs . Spot on.
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february 2019 by amy
NWDC Resistance
Northwest Detention Center Resistance
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june 2018 by amy
RT : What someone's gross income of $100,000 is actually used for in , Washington.

Neat way to visuali…
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december 2017 by amy
RT : This is .

Police need to be held accountable for lives they ruin. And trained better.
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august 2017 by amy
Sleepless in Seattle as they hunt for smart city program head
Seattle, one of the finalists in the Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge, is on the hunt for a smart city coordinator to oversee the city’s strategy and start dialogues between the city and private partners.

The coordinator will also be responsible for making sure smart city programs across multiple departments mesh, to reduce inefficiencies and avoid departments tripping over each other.
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march 2017 by amy
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