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LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS | Positions of Privilege
on Joan Didion’s Blue Nights.
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october 2011 by amy
Annie Proulx’s ‘Bird Cloud,’ on Her Wyoming Adventures - Review -
The devil on my left shoulder whispers this: “Bird Cloud” is an especially off-putting book about a wealthy and imperious writer who annoys the local residents (she runs off their cows), overwrites about nature and believes people will sympathize with her about the bummers involved in getting her Japanese soaking tub, tatami-mat exercise area, Mexican talavera sink and Brazilian floor tiles installed just so. “Bird Cloud” is shelter porn with a side of highbrow salsa. When Ms. Proulx’s house turns out to be a bit of a folly, its roads impassable in winter, you feel that a bell somewhere has been struck, and justice served.
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february 2011 by amy
Job's Comforters
Adam Phillips reviews Gary Greenberg's MANUFACTURING DEPRESSION
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may 2010 by amy
Akhond of Swat: The Business Standard 50 Best Books of the Year *Wow, a 2009 fiction list full of stuff I've never heard of that I'd actually like to read.
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december 2009 by amy
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The SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK review by @ebertchicago is one of the best things I've ever read. Wise, poetic, touching:
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october 2009 by amy
Freakonomics Sequel Gets Climate Change Wrong - Boing Boing
Freakonomics Sequel Gets Climate Change Wrong - getting things this wrong is not v. helpful, particularly now
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october 2009 by amy
Snakes on the brain - reviewed in the TLS by Barabara J. King
The Snake Detection Theory posits a fascinating relationship between serpents and primates
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october 2009 by amy
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