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William Barr and the fall of the Department of Justice.

"If ever there were a time for the American legal profession to put down its yellow pads and stand up for the rule of law, it’s today, en masse, and without waiting for someone, more senior, somewhere, to lead the way."
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6 weeks ago by amy
Adam Serwer: The First Days of the Trump Regime - The Atlantic
Trump has interpreted his acquittal by the Republican controlled Senate as a writ of absolute power, and the only way to stop him is in an election he is determined to keep from being free or fair. This is how democracies are unmade.
6 weeks ago by amy
Christianity Today Calls for Trump's Removal - The Atlantic
The editor in chief of Christianity Today talks to @emmaogreen regarding his scathing editorial about the president’s immoral behavior—and the damage his fellow Christians are doing to the Gospel.
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december 2019 by amy
CAP Action on Twitter: ""It was run by Donald J. Trump, the president. Mike Pence, the vice president. Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state. [They] directed an extortion of the government, the country of Ukraine, in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden. Full sto

"It was run by Donald J. Trump, the president. Mike Pence, the vice president. Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state.

[They] directed an extortion of the government, the country of Ukraine, in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden. Full stop." —@NicolleDWallace
november 2019 by amy
Americans must make following the news and learning facts their patriotic duty - The Washington Post

‘I don’t know what to believe’ is an unpatriotic cop-out. Do better, Americans.
november 2019 by amy
What Matt Bevin’s 2019 Loss Doesn’t Mean for Donald Trump in 2020 – Rolling Stone

As long as the president still has his cult of personality and is still selling white supremacy, and as long as domestic disenfranchisement is pairing with foreign election interference to silence American voters whom Republicans don’t like, Trump stands a great chance of being re-elected
november 2019 by amy
Only the scoundrels and weirdos are telling the truth about working for Trump - The Washington Post

Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise us. Humans are social animals, and in ordinary times, those willing to sublimate their own needs and preferences to the needs of their social group are those we praise and admire. But decades of social psychology research suggests that in times of moral crisis, the very traits we normally value can discourage dissent
politics  opinion 
november 2019 by amy
Popular Information
A newsletter for politics
october 2019 by amy
The false prophet in the White House

This might be the truest article I’ve read about the Cult of Donald Trump, whose supporters really do say (and have told me) he was sent to Washington by God.
politics  religion 
august 2019 by amy
Arctic Ambitions - Scientific American

Special Report: As the Arctic ice melts, complex geopolitics emerge over who can exploit resources that were once closed off by ice
climate  climate_change  politics 
august 2019 by amy
ICE Raids in Mississippi Leave Fear and Uncertainty in Their Wake - The New York Times

Dozens of children, some as young as toddlers, were picked up from school and taken to makeshift shelters after ICE raids in Mississippi left them without parents. State officials and lawyers still don't have a clear picture of what happened to them.
august 2019 by amy

Unite talent and technology to drive Democratic victories in 2019, 2020 and beyond.
august 2019 by amy
This Is Not Propaganda by Peter Pomerantsev review – dispatches from the war on truth | Books | The Guardian

A timely volume of analysis and memoir shows how populism is destabilising democracy and reshaping our sense of normality
books  politics 
august 2019 by amy
The Sparta Fetish Is a Cultural Cancer | The New Republic

The myth of the mighty warrior-state has enchanted societies for thousands of years. Now it fuels a global fascist movement.
august 2019 by amy
Center for an Informed Public | Information School | University of Washington
The University of Washington is establishing the Center for an Informed Public, projected to launch in fall 2019. Its mission is to marshal the collective resources of a world-class research university, embedded within local communities, to resist strategic misinformation, promote an informed society, and strengthen democratic discourse. The Center will be non-partisan. It will bring diverse voices from across industry, government, nonprofits and other institutions.

This interdisciplinary effort is being led by the Information School, Human Centered Design & Engineering and the School of Law, with collaboration from the Communication Leadership Program at the UW and numerous other university and community partners. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation recently announced investments to establish the Center.
politics  society  big_data 
july 2019 by amy
F.E.C. Allows Security Company to Help 2020 Candidates Defend Campaigns - The New York Times

Such attacks are not just hypothetical. Americans still lack a clear understanding of the impact successful Russian attacks had on the 2016 election. Both the special counsel report and leaked National Security Agency documents show that Russian hackers infiltrated the United States’ vast back-end election apparatus, including voter registration databases and electronic pollbook vendors, in 2016.
politics  security 
july 2019 by amy
Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland, Violating the Treaty of Versailles - HISTORY

Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland, Violating the Treaty of Versailles
history  politics 
june 2019 by amy
Washington State Legislature
District Finder
Enter your street address (all fields are required) to find your legislative or congressional district.
politics  seattle 
june 2019 by amy
GOP Paid Millions to Gerrymandering Expert Behind Census Citizenship Question – Mother Jones

GOP Paid Millions to Gerrymandering Expert Behind Census Citizenship Question
june 2019 by amy
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