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Spinnaker 1.0 Enables Continuous Delivery of Cloud Code Updates
Google has released a new version of Spinnaker, an open-source software release management platform for deploying application code to the cloud.

Video streaming giant Netflix originally developed the technology to enable continuous delivery of software updates to its hosted applications and services on Amazon's cloud platform.

In 2014 Netflix began working with Google and a couple of other companies to make Spinnaker a multi-cloud platform. A year later it released the technology to the open source community. Besides Netflix and Google, other companies using Spinnaker currently to speed up cloud application delivery and deployment include Target, Waze and Oracle.

Spinnaker 1.0, which Google announced this week, builds on the work that has been put into the technology thus far. It is a continuous delivery platform that is designed to make it easier for organizations to deliver applications and software code to Google's cloud platform and to cloud services from other providers as well.
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