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8 days ago by amy
BEST of BTS - Imgur
behind the scenes photos
june 2011 by amy
Guys on Film | The Nervous Breakdown
"I’m a 31 year old heterosexual woman who is appalled by the lack of male nudity in movies."
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march 2011 by amy
Race in Film: Tammy & the Bachelor : Mirror: Motion Picture Commentary
Remember Tammy and Debbie Reynolds? There were slave quarters out back the house.
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july 2010 by amy
Two Gentlemen of Lebowski
Others have commented on this already, but this Shakespearean rewrite of The Big Lebowski is astoundingly good:
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january 2010 by amy
"It's About Storytelling. It's About Humans Playing Humans."
James Cameron and Peter Jackson on making films in the age of technology.
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december 2009 by amy
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The SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK review by @ebertchicago is one of the best things I've ever read. Wise, poetic, touching:
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october 2009 by amy
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