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Shunned Profiling Technology on the Verge of Comeback -
One of the most potentially intrusive technologies for profiling and targeting Internet users with ads is on the verge of a comeback, two years after an outcry by privacy advocates in the U.S. and Britain appeared to kill it.

The technology, known as "deep packet inspection," is capable of reading and analyzing the "packets" of data traveling across the Internet. It can be far more powerful than "cookies" and other techniques commonly used to track people online because it can be used to monitor all online activity, not just Web browsing. Spy agencies use the technology for surveillance.
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november 2010 by amy
Op-Ed Contributor - Ending the Internet
Benkler on open access in internet open competition means better service cheaper
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march 2010 by amy
StupidFilter :: Main / About
...It's time to fight back.

The solution we're creating is simple: an open-source filter software that can detect rampant stupidity in written English. This will be accomplished with weighted Bayesian or similar analysis and some rules-based processing, similar to spam detection engines. The primary challenge inherent in our task is that stupidity is not a binary distinction, but rather a matter of degree. To this end, we're collecting a ranked corpus of stupid text, gleaned from user comments on public websites and ranked on a five-point scale.
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november 2009 by amy
The Hierarchy Of Digital Distractions | Information Is Beautiful
InformationIsBeautiful: Hierarchy of Digital Distractions: BRILLIANT! via @allaboutgeorge
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september 2009 by amy
Khaleej Times Online - Cable damage hits 1.7m Internet users in UAE
A total of five cables being operated by two submarine cable operators have been damaged with a fault in each.
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february 2008 by amy
O'Reilly -- What Is Web 2.0
Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software
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october 2006 by amy
DNA/How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet
@GreatDismal I like "technology is stuff that doesn't work yet" - Bran Ferren via Douglas Adams
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june 2005 by amy

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