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How “Good Intent” Undermines Diversity and Inclusion – The Bias
People often reach for positive statements like “assume good intent” because they’re worried about people being “shamed” over innocent mistakes. But society at large is already inclined to assume good intent in people with power and privilege–even when they’re not demonstrating it. If you want to build a culture of “assuming good intent,” start by assuming good intent in marginalized people.

Assume that they already tried being nice. Assume that their feelings are valid. Assume that, after a lifetime of practice, they are responding to harmful behavior in the way that is safest for them. Prioritize that safety over the momentary discomfort people feel when they realize they’ve done something hurtful.

Culture-setting documents like your code of conduct and corporate values should be designed around protecting marginalized people from harmful behavior. Leave out “assume good intent.” Instead, create a culture that recognizes and pushes back against the ways that marginalized people are dehumanized. Expect people to demonstrate their good intent by treating people with respect.
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4 weeks ago by amy
Unconsenting Media
a search engine for sexual violence in media
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july 2019 by amy
Driving Technical Change: Why People on Your Team Don't Act on Good Ideas, and How to Convince Them They Should by Terrence Ryan | The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Driving Technical Change
Why People on Your Team Don't Act on Good Ideas, and How to Convince Them They Should

by Terrence Ryan
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may 2017 by amy
Invisible Corporations, Part Two – Latent Content
This is a tall tale of two companies: On the surface, Monolithoogle bears a mild resemblance to Google. Distributazon has some things in common with Amazon. These similarities are anecdotal and superficial. Accuracy is not the goal. At best, I am attempting to develop hyperbolic caricatures of the companies as archetypes. The ideas here evolved from a conversation I had with a good friend.

This is the second installment of Invisible Corporations.
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may 2017 by amy
Class Matters | It's not "them" - it's us!
It's not "them" — it's us!
By Betsy Leondar-Wright
community  activism  culture 
may 2016 by amy
This column will change your life: closure | Life and style | The Guardian
The award for most audacious use of self-help language in the service of naked political gain probably belongs to James Baker, an adviser to George Bush in the chaotic weeks following the disputed US election of 2000. "At some point, there must be closure… for the healing and uniting [to begin]," Baker declared, in an effort to prevent further Florida recounts. It wasn't that he wanted Bush to win, you understand – he just wanted to help the nation achieve "closure".
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october 2011 by amy
Geena Davis: Hollywood Still Typecasting Women [VIDEO]
“We know that the more hours of television a girl watches, the fewer options she thinks she has in life,” she said. “So there’s clearly a very, very strong message coming through — that boys are picking up too, by the way — that girls can’t do as many things as boys can.”
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september 2011 by amy
BPS Research Digest: Let me help you with that ... How women suffer from benevolent sexism
"What could be wrong with a gentleman opening a door for a lady? According to some social psychologists, such acts endorse gender stereotypes: the idea that women are weak and need help; that men are powerful patriarchs. Now a study has looked at how women are perceived when they accept or reject an act of so-called "benevolent sexism"* and it finds that they're caught in a double-bind. Women who accept help from a man are seen as warmer, but less competent. Women who reject help are seen as more competent, but cold. ..."
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august 2011 by amy
Vandalising an old master is bad, but not quite as evil as queue-jumping | David Mitchell | Comment is free | The Observer
"Queue-jumping is a much greater cultural affront than desecrating an art work because the queue-jumper seems to be saying: "My time is more important than everyone else's." This is annoying because, deep down, it's what we all feel and suppressing that feeling is a monumental act of politeness and one which we secretly fear is corrosive to our self-esteem. We can't be standing there in a line, patiently subjugating our senses of self, if some people just don't bother. It's like bound feet – it's too mutilating a convention to catch on unless everyone goes along with it."
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july 2011 by amy
Guys on Film | The Nervous Breakdown
"I’m a 31 year old heterosexual woman who is appalled by the lack of male nudity in movies."
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march 2011 by amy
Race in Film: Tammy & the Bachelor : Mirror: Motion Picture Commentary
Remember Tammy and Debbie Reynolds? There were slave quarters out back the house.
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july 2010 by amy
Pandas and Lobsters: Why Google Cannot Build Social Applications... - ...ifindkarma...
Thought-provoking. Pandas and Lobsters: Why Google Cannot Build Social Applications So maybe they should be themselves
google  social_media  culture  comment 
july 2010 by amy
Andrew Sullivan: The Last Word On "Faggot" - freedom to dither
A brilliant little scene about gay men, straight men and words - from one of the most brilliant comics around, Louis CK. In all this, there is a lovely American sanity - not too much defensiveness, a whole lot of candor, and a deep well of friendship
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july 2010 by amy
Steve Jobs introduces the Death Star
[greader] Steve Jobs introduces the Death Star
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june 2010 by amy
YouTube - Chatroulette Piano Ode to Merton.m4v
Folds Does Merton live before an audience at the Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 20th, 2010.
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march 2010 by amy
PeteSearch: How to split up the US
How to split up the US: what facebook tells us about the shape of the country. More: (via @brady)
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february 2010 by amy
Two Gentlemen of Lebowski
Others have commented on this already, but this Shakespearean rewrite of The Big Lebowski is astoundingly good:
twitter_fav  @harrisj  culture  amusements  movies 
january 2010 by amy
Back to the Land - And the Pursuit of Happiness Blog -
Maira Kalman knocks it out of the park wiht this lovely piece: Back to the Land -
twitter_fav  @LindaStone  food  culture  usa 
november 2009 by amy
[no title]
...and here's a classic Mary Tyler Moore from DL (via @the_No_Show)
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november 2009 by amy
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