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Author Alissa Nutting’s Grub Street Diet
RT @knguyen: I'm not sure why we trust the Pulitzers as an institution when Alissa Nutting's grubstreet diet did not win one
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8 weeks ago by amy
What makes a crappy town? The authors of Sh*t Towns of Australia share their thoughts... - The Booktopian

The determining factors of a ‘shit town’ are varied and numerous:

Does your town still have a video store?
Is the most famous person from your town an animal?
Do tourists only come because of an error in Google Maps?
Is the only ‘ethnic’ restaurant in your town a kebab shop?
Did your town vote for the Nationals?
Is your town in Queensland?
Does your town have more missing backpackers than university graduates?
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december 2019 by amy
How to Write About Africa | Binyavanga Wainaina | Granta
RT @emilyraboteau: Let’s revisit his opus, a magnificent and wickedly smart screed against cliche:
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may 2019 by amy
Keras 4 Kindergartners
Will Your Child Get Into Harvard?
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may 2019 by amy
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