Determine OS X version from the command line
3 ways to get the macOS version from the command line.
MacOS  OS-X  command-line 
4 hours ago
Interesting Thing of the Day
A virtual museum of interesting things. The articles are written by Joe Kissell and Morgen Jahnke.
13 hours ago
Brother MFC-J985DW(XL) Printer Support
Main support page for the Brother MFC-J985DW(XL) inkjet printer
Brother  printers 
2 days ago
Manuals for Brother MFC-J985DW(XL) Printer
Download page for manuals for the MFC-J985DW(XL)
Brother  printers  documentation 
2 days ago
John F. Helliwell (UBC)
Economist; co-author of World Happiness Report
JohnHelliwell  economics  happiness 
2 days ago
Brother AOI Inkjet Printers w/Ethernet
Filtered by: Inkjet * Ethernet * Duplex Printing
Brother  printers  inkjet 
3 days ago
OS X Terminal Tutorials (Super User)
SuperUser query asking for tutorials on Terminal. Most recommendations are for bash. Possibly dated: from 2011-Mar-4
OS-X  MacOS  tutorials  2011 
4 days ago
Regular Expressions 101
Online regex tester and debugger for these regex flavors: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript
4 days ago
pyexif · PyPI
Python module for working with EXIF image data (via ExifTool)
ExifTool  python  photography 
4 days ago
Photo Metadata IPTC
IPTC Photo Metadata sets the industry standard for administrative, descriptive, and copyright information about images.
IPTC  photography  metadata 
4 days ago
Regex to batch rename files in OS X Terminal (StackOverflow)
Answers include Python 2|3 script that recursively renames files via regex; 2016-09-26.
StackOverflow  regex  Python  Python3  2016 
5 days ago
NameChanger (MRR Software)
MacOS (10.7+) app to rename a list of files.
utility  app  software 
5 days ago
Brother printers: Simultaneous Ethernet & Wi-Fi Connections?
The Brother machine will only support one network connection at a time. You can't connect the machine using both a wired Ethernet and wireless (Wi-Fi) network connection simultaneously. List of models this answer applies to.
Brother  Ethernet  WiFi  printers 
6 days ago
About AirPrint (Apple)
List of devices that are AirPrint-enabled
Apple  AirPrint  printers 
6 days ago
How Deep to Bury Outdoor Electrical Wire
24 in. for underground feeder (UF) cable, 18 in. if inside PVC conduit, 6 in. if in rigid metal conduit
electrical  wiring 
11 days ago
Scale and balance definitions in simple terms
Lots of information about weights & measures, including load cells.
load-cells  measurement 
11 days ago
Hydraulic Load Cell for Thrust Measurement
A load cell is made from a modified auto brake cylinder and a pressure guage; from Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry web site.
rocketry  load-cells  measurement 
11 days ago
US government website to accelerate the use of crowdsourcing and citizen science across the federal government. It provides a portal to: a catalog of federally supported citizen science projects, a toolkit to assist federal practitioners with designing and maintaining their projects, and a gateway to a community of citizen science practitioners and coordinators across government.
science  citizen-science 
12 days ago
Global platform for crowd-sourced classification efforts to assist professional researchers.
science  citizen-science 
12 days ago
Recruits, trains, and equips people for citizen science research projects in need of their help
science  citizen-science 
12 days ago
Low side vs. High side transistor switch (Bald Engineer)
James Lewis on BJT & MOSFET switches: the differences, how they work, and use cases; links to other transistor tutorials. 2019-Apr-10
JamesLewis  electronics  MOSFET  BJT  transistors  2019  tutorials 
13 days ago
"Want to dip your toe into FPGA design, but don't know where to start? 8BitWorkShop has added a Verilog editor and simulator to their tools. So now on the same site, you can emulate an Atari 2600, Apple ][, or design your own custom 8 (or 16!)-bit computer." They also have some books on legacy video game hardware & software, including the Apple II.
Verilog  FPGA  books  Apple-II 
13 days ago
(23) Health and Fumes - Workbench Wednesdays
James Lewis does an infomercial on solder specifications & Weller solder fume filters/extractors; 2019-Apr-10.
2019  soldering  Weller  JamesLewis 
13 days ago
Best Science Fiction Books
Nicely chosen books; a variety of lists for a number of sub-genres
science-fiction  books 
14 days ago
Best Artificial Intelligence Science Fiction
A nice list of 25 sci-fi books. Some older (classic) novels; some newer.
lists  science-fiction  AI  artificial-intelligence  fiction  books 
14 days ago
GoodNotes 5 (MacSparky)
If you like using paper & pencil, GoodNotes (now at version 5) may be the closest thing to that on the iPad--so says David Sparks (MacSparky); 2019-Jan-17
2019  MacSparky  DavidSparks  note-taking  productivity 
17 days ago
Mac Power Users 470: From Computing to Sheep Farming, with Oogie McGuire
Programmer and sheep farmer Oogie McGuire talks about her application for managing flocks and the hardware that goes along with it, as well as her ongoing project of digitizing historical photos. [Lots of very interesting topics come up.] Mac Power Users podcast #470, 2019-Feb-19
photography  scanning  digital-preservation  Mac  2019  MacPowerUsers  OmniFocus  MacSparky  DEVONthink 
20 days ago
Community Checkup (WA Health Alliance)
Community Checkup is the umbrella under which the Washington Health Alliance releases all of its public reports on the quality of health care in Washington state.
22 days ago
Part 97 (eCFR)
The latest version of Part 97, at the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations.
Part-97  ham-radio  amateur-radio 
23 days ago
Part 97 - Amateur Radio Service Rules
Links to FCC Part 97 (Amateur Radio Service Rules)
Part-97  ARRL  ham-radio  amateur-radio 
23 days ago
Part 97 Text
A copy of Part 97 maintained by the ARRL
ham-radio  amateur-radio  part-97  ARRL 
23 days ago
Four State QRP Group
devoted to low power (QRP) amateur radio building and operation.
QRP  ham-radio  kits 
23 days ago
Short-Wave Radio Info
A simple way in which to interrogate a database of all the short wave broadcasts being transmitted by the majority of the world's international radio stations.
SWL  radio 
24 days ago
an organization of hams that offers budget and unique ham radio kits
24 days ago
The Air Current
News and insight on the business and technology of flying
aviation  news 
26 days ago
ARRL Tech Portal
Links to technical resources for Amateur Radio
ham-radio  resources  ARRL 
27 days ago
A Ham's Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing
A tutorial is directed specifically to RFI in ham radio applications; by Jim Brown, K9YC. Updated 2019-Jan.
K9YC  noise  ham-radio  RFI  interference  tutorial 
27 days ago
Jim Brown's (K9YC) Publications
Articles relating to various forms of interference to audio systems from both power and radio frequency (RF) sources; also applications notes for Amateur Radio Operators.
noise  RF  audio  RFI  interference  ham-radio  K9YC 
27 days ago
Brother MFC-J995DW inkjet printer
Product page for "INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer with Up to 1-Year of Ink In-box"
printers  Brother  inkjet 
27 days ago
UNCONFIRMED VENDOR FOR REFILLING INKJET CARTRIDGES. Offers inkjet refill kits & refillable cartridges for HP, Canon, Epson & Brother.
Brother  HP  Canon  Epson 
27 days ago
Brother HL-L2370DW Support
Support page for Brother HL-L2370DW laser printer; links to downloads & manuals.
Brother  printers  HL-L2370DW 
28 days ago
Future 50 Foods Report
50 foods for healthier people and a healthier planet
food  environment  sustainability  health 
29 days ago
CW Decoder
This program allows CW operators to copy CW code with a computer.
Morse  ham-radio  amateur-radio 
5 weeks ago
The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy
241 pg PDF, by William G Pierpont (N0HFF), 3rd ed, 2002. There's an entire chapter on the Koch method.
Morse  ham-radio  amateur-radio  Koch 
5 weeks ago
Learn CW Online. Includes Koch method. Copy via pen-and-paper (then type in) or keyboard.
ham-radio  Morse  amateur-radio 
5 weeks ago
Cheap HF Antenna | W3ATB
A wire antenna for all HF bands from 80 to 6 m. It's held up by a kite.
antennas  ham-radio  amateur-radio 
5 weeks ago
Code Proficiency Certificate
Evaluate your Morse code ability through the ARRL Code Proficiency program.
ARRL  Morse  ham-radio  amateur-radio 
5 weeks ago
Morse Code Character Sounds
Presented here is each letter and character with their respective Morse sound in MP3 format. Each one is sent at a 10 WPM character speed.
ARRL  Morse  ham-radio  amateur-radio 
5 weeks ago
W1AW Qualifying Runs
Morse code qualifying runs test your ability to copy Morse (10 to 40 WPM).
ARRL  W1AW  Morse  ham-radio  amateur-radio 
5 weeks ago
Another Look at Reflections
Walt Maxwell’s original QST articles on transmission lines reprinted, with editorial annotations; 1999. Extensive bibliography.
antennas  SWR  ham-radio  amateur  QST  ARRL 
5 weeks ago
US Amateur Radio Technician Privileges
Chart showing privileges & band plans for each band, including mode and PEP.
ham-radio  amateur-radio  ARRL  technician-class 
5 weeks ago
Morse Code: Efficient or Over the Hill
Learning to copy faster by learning letter groups; QST, 1990-Jan
Morse  QST  ARRL  ham-radio  amateur  1990 
5 weeks ago
A standard for Morse Timing Using the Farnsworth Technique
An article by Jon Bloom, KE3Z from the April 1990 issue of QEX; describes the math behind the Farnsworth method for learning Morse code in which characters are sent at a faster speed than the words.
Morse  QEX  ARRL  ham-radio  amateur-radio  Farnsworth 
5 weeks ago
Sandy Jamieson
Alaskan Aviation and Wildlife Artist
Alaska  artist  airplanes  aviation  SandyJamieson 
5 weeks ago
The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
ham-radio  amateur-radio  satellites 
6 weeks ago
How to decode the recycling instructions on Amazon envelopes.
6 weeks ago
Keep Your Media Data Safe With These 5 Best Practices
1) keep multiple copies (3-2-1), 2) use trustworthy vendors, 3) use encryption, 4) automate processes, 5) practice security mindfulness; 2019-Feb-26, Roderick Bauer (Backblaze).
Backblaze  2019  storage  security  photography 
6 weeks ago
4 Ways To Reduce Plastics In Your Kitchen : The Salt : NPR
4 steps: alternative storage, really recycle, sustainable cleaning, avoid wasteful packaging; 2019-Mar-10, Kristen Hartke, NPR.
NPR  recycling  plastics  2019 
6 weeks ago
Do You Need an Antenna Tuner?
Intro ("New Ham") article on antenna tuners; Steve Ford (WB8IMY), QST (1994, Jan)
SteveFord  QST  ham-radio  amateur-radio  1994  antennas  antenna-tuner 
6 weeks ago
VOACAP: HF Propagation Prediction and Ionospheric Communications Analysis
Free, professional, high-frequency (HF) propagation prediction software from NTIA/ITS, originally developed for Voice of America (VOA). Windows primarily, but there are Mac & Linux versions.
ham-radio  radio  amateur-radio 
6 weeks ago
APWA Uniform Color Code for Marking Underground Facilities
When you call the locate service prior to digging, these are the colors they use & what they mean.
utilities  excavation 
6 weeks ago
Sec. 97.3 Definitions
Defines many of the terms used in FCC Part 97
glossary  words  vocabulary  ham-radio  amateur  FCC  Part-97 
6 weeks ago
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