Increasing your Agility: An interview with Dave Thomas
We started seeing people using the tag "Agile" with their existing offerings in the same way detergent manufacturers add the word "Improved" to their product name.
dave-thomas  agile 
july 2015
ProductHunters, welcome to TestFairy!
There are so many crash collectors our there, and most do a very good job. The missing part in all of them is understanding what happened before the crash. Did the user click on the red button or on…
tool  services  testing 
february 2015
Designer's guide to DPI
A guide to multi-DPI and platform design
DPI  designer 
august 2014
Screen Sizes is a nifty little database of screen specifications for the most popular devices on the market.
Devices  DPI 
july 2014
New thing I do in code
Ever since I found out that a GCC C extension causes a code block to return a value if you enclose it in round brackets, I’ve been using it in my code. What do you think? self.bounds = ({…
ios  cocoa  Development 
march 2014
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