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Game logic before graphics : gamedev
In comments: screenshot of the first version of Path of Exile compared to release version
3 days ago by amitp
Blob Tileset
Wang tile tileset, with rules for constructing spritesheet
gamedev  graphics 
10 days ago by amitp
Moving AI Lab
With lots of computational power you can analyze the space of all possible puzzles in a puzzle game, and then mark features of those puzzles as being useful for discovery / difficulty.
gamedev  algorithms 
9 weeks ago by amitp
Game Feel: Why Your Death Animation Sucks - YouTube
Juiciness for character animation in a platformer
video  gamedev 
10 weeks ago by amitp
"The art of screenshake"
Video showing lots of little techniques for making a game "juicier"
12 weeks ago by amitp
Language Generator
Procedural language generator
procedural  gamedev 
march 2016 by amitp
Rectangle-circle intersection test
Closest point on rectangle to circle -- closest point on circle to rectangle. Really simple code. Interactive demo too.
gamedev  geometry  math 
february 2016 by amitp
Single-file C libraries for marching squares and blue noise
software  gamedev 
december 2015 by amitp
Programming Interactive Worlds with Linear Logic
Game development and programming language theory combined!
gamedev  language  math 
december 2015 by amitp
libfixmath - Cross Platform Fixed Point Maths Library - Google Project Hosting
Fixed point (16.16) implementations of sin, cos, tan, atan2, sqrt, exp
math  gamedev 
november 2015 by amitp
Data Structures for Game Developers: The Slot Map
Maintaining a mapping from ID to object, handling object creation/destruction, and preserving pointers to objects when the mapping is resized
gamedev  algorithms  database 
november 2015 by amitp
Mindwerks/worldengine · GitHub
Procedural map generator with heightmap, biome, etc; can be used with another tool to generate civilizations too
gamedev  maps  procedural 
october 2015 by amitp
runevision blog: Procedural world potentials: The simulation, functional and planning approaches
A blog post from @runevision about simulation, functional, and planning procedural generation
procedural  gamedev 
october 2015 by amitp
gwiazdorrr/CxxSwizzle · GitHub
Clever C++ library that provides shader-like swizzling syntax for vector operations.
c++  math  gamedev 
october 2015 by amitp
Google has a 2d physics library for liquid particle effects. Based on box2d
c++  gamedev  physics 
september 2015 by amitp
Terrain Generation — heman r1 documentation
C library for generating terrain - islands, archipelagos, planets
gamedev  maps  procedural 
september 2015 by amitp
Characteristics of UDP Packet Loss: Effect of TCP Traffic
TCP synchronization causes periodic delays, which lead to UDP packet loss. Minimize the effect by using small UDP packets sent frequently.
networking  gamedev 
september 2015 by amitp
How to RTS: Welcome!
Series of blog posts about real time strategy game implementation, pathfinding in particular
august 2015 by amitp
2D Scaling Basics for Games and Web Design - IT Hare on Soft.ware
Scaling up images is obviously bad but scaling down also has some issues.
gamedev  art 
august 2015 by amitp
Lockstep - Path of Exile Wiki
Path of Exile (action rpg) now offers a deterministic lockstep option(!)
gamedev  networking 
july 2015 by amitp
Grid Pathfinding competition results
Descriptions of various algorithsm for optimizing pathfinding on grids
gamedev  algorithms 
june 2015 by amitp
Improved Heuristics for Optimal Pathfinding on Game Maps - AIIDE06-006.pdf
Dead-end heuristic uses a high level map representation to determine areas that will never be needed for a particular path search. Gateway heuristic uses a high level map representation to find waypoints. Both of these could be done with a hierarchical approach but this paper tries using the hierarchy to build the heuristic for the low level pathfinder.
gamedev  algorithms  pathfinding 
june 2015 by amitp
FAQ Friday #13: Geometry : roguelikedev
Forum discussion of grid and turn systems in roguelike games
june 2015 by amitp
The Role of Mechanics in Games : Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress's game mechanics are generic — the actions taken by each creature depends on properties of objects and not on objects. Instead of setting up a game mechanic where a fox eats a rabbit, the game sets up a mechanic where a fox eats anything smaller than itself that produces meat.
gamedev  structure 
may 2015 by amitp
Guillaume Chereau Blog - Comparison of Doom 1, Quake, and Doom 3 entity references system
Games often have a set of entities they are working with, and have to deal with creation and deletion of entities, including references to those entities. This post compares how Doom 1, Quake, and Doom 3 deal with creation & deletion in their game loop.
april 2015 by amitp
Gamasutra - Game Design Deep Dive: Making babies in Hero Generations
Hero Generations is a roguelike that lets your next character inherit traits and items from the previous character that died
april 2015 by amitp
Itamar Simonson: What Makes People Collect Things? | Stanford Graduate School of Business
"People are more likely to build a collection of something once they possess two of them."
people  gamedev 
april 2015 by amitp
Belief-Driven Pathfinding Through Personalized Map Abstraction
Belief-Driven Pathfinding uses the beliefs of each agent when trying to compute a shortest path, as understood by that agent
algorithms  gamedev  pathfinding 
march 2015 by amitp
Yendor.ts - RogueBasin
Roguelike library written in Typescript
typescript  gamedev  javascript  software 
march 2015 by amitp
2013 June 24 - AI Design Breakdown
Jon Shafer describes AI design for a Civilization-like game
gamedev  games 
february 2015 by amitp
Vallentin Source | Show Normals (Geometry Shader)
People sometimes color normals with R,G,B for debugging shaders, but this is a geometry shader that draws nifty little normal lines.
opengl  gamedev  graphics 
february 2015 by amitp
Pathfinding Benchmarks
Maps from Bioware and Blizzard games, for use in pathfinding benchmarks
february 2015 by amitp
Marching Squares 3, a Unity C# Tutorial
Marching squares with variants for hermite data, sharp corners, ambiguous cases
february 2015 by amitp
Retro Renderer
Render 3d OBJ models using banded lighting (a few shades of each color instead of smooth gradient) and material-based outlines (draw black border when material changes)
graphics  gamedev  art 
january 2015 by amitp
OpenGL - Introduction
Tutorial for OpenGL, including SDL and geometry shaders
graphics  opengl  gamedev 
january 2015 by amitp
Spirit of Iron: Simplectic Noise
Another noise function, a variant of OpenSimplex which has much simpler code. However, see this evaluation of it:
math  gamedev  procedural 
january 2015 by amitp
Iñigo Quilez - fractals, computer graphics, mathematics, demoscene and more
Grid : Value noise :: Voronoi :: Voronoise. An extension of value noise to work with voronoi diagrams
math  gamedev 
december 2014 by amitp
Reaction Speeds in Gaming | [K]ayinworks
Argues that players who don't have the reaction speed to play fighting games … need to pick some simpler subset of the game
november 2014 by amitp
Je crée mon jeu vidéo E10 : génération procédurale de carte (partie 1) -
(French article) Procedural map generation techniques - noise, relief shading, elevation shading, thermal erosion, water erosion, building placement, midpoint displacement vs hill placement. Also see part 2:
gamedev  maps  procedural 
november 2014 by amitp
Porting to Emscripten ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Mozilla's tips for getting a game to compile under emscripten
c++  gamedev 
november 2014 by amitp
on vector math libraries
Advice for C++ vector/matrix math geometry libraries (2d, 3d), esp. C++. Includes clever tricks like using unions to access data both as an array and as names (x, y, z). Includes some discussion of point vs vector.
c++  gamedev  math 
november 2014 by amitp
▶ Procedural River Generation - YouTube
Procedural map generator for a river game. The river is linear but the bends and widths are generated, and then islands and flow.
procedural  gamedev 
october 2014 by amitp
Pathfinding in Caste Break | Bruno Assarisse
Using breadth first search instead of A* for games that have lots of units with the same destination
pathfinding  gamedev 
october 2014 by amitp
Experilous: Fun with A* Optimizations
Experimenting with A* implementation to see what improved performance
gamedev  algorithms 
october 2014 by amitp
Filthy Pants: A Computer Blog: xBR vs HQx Interpolation Filter Comparison
xBR is a newer pixel art upscaling algorithm and seems to do better than HQ2x, HQ3x
gamedev  algorithms 
september 2014 by amitp
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