Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal—dConstruct Conference Talk
Fan groups have used tagging in interesting ways to put structure on content (delicious bookmarks)
history  structure 
11 hours ago
Neural networks and deep learning
The final chapter in my book on neural networks and deep learning: (beta release)
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Sephton Water Technology Projects Page
Project to use geothermal energy to separate water and salt from the Salton Sea, reducing blowing salt
environment  engineering 
2 days ago
nanovg-bindings/hex_renderer.rb at master · vaiorabbit/nanovg-bindings · GitHub
Ruby-NanoVG : ヘクスを矩形にならべるテスト 座標系が特殊なのでループの回しかたがわかりにくいですね。参考 :
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2 days ago
teideal glic deisbhéalach
How to turn a floating point number into a string? People are still working on the best way to do this.
algorithms  math  history 
5 days ago
tonsky/FiraCode · GitHub
Programming fonts Fira Code, Pragmata Pro, Monoid support ligatures so that != shows up as ≠, etc.
9 days ago
Effective altruists love systemic change - 80,000 Hours
"Effective altruists are out in the world every day fixing the underlying causes of society’s problems. It’s time to definitively rebut the claim that we don’t care about systemic change."
10 days ago
Charles Darwin's ecological experiment on Ascension isle - BBC News
Ascension Isle is a terraforming experiment. I'm sure it'd never be allowed today.
environment  engineering 
11 days ago
Lockstep - Path of Exile Wiki
Path of Exile (action rpg) now offers a deterministic lockstep option(!)
gamedev  networking 
13 days ago
S lets you set "bitmap" as the shape but I haven't tried it myself, sorry
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16 days ago
Neural networks and deep learning
New speculative essay: "Is there a simple algorithm for intelligence?"
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17 days ago
Blobs in Games: Updating Probability of Damage Rolls
Side note: this is the first tutorial I wrote on ; some notes:
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21 days ago
The Science of Social Change
How to change hearts & minds: don't just tell people they're wrong; that's not going to convince them.
21 days ago
Probability and Games: Damage Rolls
Updated my "Probability for damage rolls" page with more interactive diagrams. Draw your own!
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21 days ago
MIT’s Education Arcade promotes games, not gamification, in schools.
Something I have been thinking about too: I want to see education using games without gamification.
games  education 
23 days ago
Elearning design: Do we really need narration?
Audio/video materials work when the teacher sets the pace. Text works better when the student sets the pace.
23 days ago
Why Do Quaternions Double-Cover? – Nathan Reed's coding blog
Explanation of quaternions — they are elements of 4D space, but if we use them in a specific way, they can be used for 3D rotation
graphics  math  3d 
23 days ago
Depth Precision Visualized – Nathan Reed's coding blog
The Z buffer precision and floating point precision interact to make the default OpenGL range a poor use of numeric values. If you can reverse Z, it works much better. Some OpenGL implementations let you control this.
3d  graphics 
24 days ago
» Pirates! The Digital Antiquarian
The gets to the most important (and perhaps best) game I ever played, 's Pirates!
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24 days ago
Trending at Instagram - Instagram Engineering
Explanation of how Instagram's version of Zeitgeist calculates novelty and trends. They use ratio of actual to predicted, and then take the logarithm of that score. They fill in zero predictions with 3. They use an exponential decay with a half life of two hours. They use cooccurrence and edit distance to group related topics together, then TF-IDF to normalize. They don't seem to take into account variance of prediction, or hour of week.
25 days ago
What are grid colorings? | Gamelogic
Coloring grids using a 2-vector pattern - from 's beautful blog
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26 days ago
Which Bus is Which? Mitchell 1 Shop Connection Blog
Pictures and descriptions of the type A, B, C, D school bus. Types C and D are the ones I usually see; D is flat fronted and C is truck fronted.
transportation  design 
26 days ago
Which Unicode character should represent the English apostrophe? (And why the Unicode committee is very wrong.) | Ted's Blog
We use U+2019 for apostrophes but it's actually a closing quote mark. Should we be using U+02BC instead? Or maybe plain old U+0027?
unicode  typography 
4 weeks ago
A gentle introduction to shaders in Unity3D | Alan Zucconi
Your blog is awesome! It really inspired me to start doing tutorials for gamedevs! <3
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4 weeks ago
Magnolia TLP Oil Platform - The World's Tallest Structure?
Nearly a mile tall to reach the sea floor, and then three miles more to reach oil.
4 weeks ago
Modern Design Tools: Using Real Data — Design Insights from Bridge — Medium
What if our design tools let us read in real data? Insights from real data would be more useful than the ideal mockups we make in photoshop
4 weeks ago
Dalek Relaxation Tape - YouTube
Also, remiss in that last tweet not to point to the Dalek relaxation tape:
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4 weeks ago
San Francisco’s Central Subway: Part I – The Roots of Tunneling | Robin Chiang & Co
San Francisco Central Subway - more details than I've seen anywhere else. Part II (http://designbythebay.com/sf-central-subway-underground-stations/) goes back to Ancient Roman and Babylonian construction techniques.
4 weeks ago
Best LED TVs by Size
TV comparison site. via nelson
getting  reviews 
5 weeks ago
The Economics of Superstars
Economics paper: why, in certain fields, a small number of people get the majority of the rewards. Examples: authors, comedians, singers, movie stars, football players. It can happen when the scope of output is large (consider a movie star's global reach vs a carpenter's local reach) and reputation matters (once you learn that you like Tom Hanks movies you might watch more)
economics  structure 
5 weeks ago
Traffic Jams in Javascript | bit-player
Simulation of roads for Braess's Paradox, plus explanation
simulation  transportation  education  visualization 
5 weeks ago
Euclidean tilings of regular polygons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
has all the usual candidates but penrose tiles and tiling on hyperbolic surfaces could be cool too
from twitter
5 weeks ago
Grid Pathfinding competition results
Descriptions of various algorithsm for optimizing pathfinding on grids
gamedev  algorithms 
6 weeks ago
Untitled (http://movingai.com/GPPC/GPPC2014.pdf)
RT : A presentation detailing the latest competition results in grid pathfinding is now available:
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6 weeks ago
OpenRCT2 Home - OpenRCT
Reverse engineered version of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
6 weeks ago
PDO Index
Climate index: Pacific Decadal Oscillation -- since 1900!
6 weeks ago
Improved Heuristics for Optimal Pathfinding on Game Maps - AIIDE06-006.pdf
Dead-end heuristic uses a high level map representation to determine areas that will never be needed for a particular path search. Gateway heuristic uses a high level map representation to find waypoints. Both of these could be done with a hierarchical approach but this paper tries using the hierarchy to build the heuristic for the low level pathfinder.
gamedev  algorithms  pathfinding 
6 weeks ago
D3plus Largest rectangle in a polygon
Interactive control of symbolic abstraction and graphical example, but you must remember the static narrative text!
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7 weeks ago
FAQ Friday #13: Geometry : roguelikedev
Forum discussion of grid and turn systems in roguelike games
7 weeks ago
ECO - Strange Loop Games
Love ECO's ambitious multiplayer design. Building, cooperation, rhetoric, politics, shared resources.
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7 weeks ago
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