A Desirable-Future Haiku — The Message — Medium
Kevin Kelly asks for suggestions of what a positive future would look like, then writes his own: most people live in cities, more green land, genetic engineering, cheap energy, middle class does creative work, robot labor, free education
Heatmaps, Point Clouds and Big Data in Processing - :: JimBlackhurst.com ::
Analysis of game data from Just Cause 2 shows fast travel and player death events on a map. Also see the stunning video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEoxaGkNcrg
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2 days ago
Blobs in Games: 2d Visibility
there are lots of other tutorials on the same subject so I don't think it's that high; see bottom of
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3 days ago
Party Tricks | PCG, A Better Random Number Generator
wow. "You don't need an infinite number of monkeys to produce the works of Shakespeare—2^16384 is ample."
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4 days ago
Ten years of World of Warcraft
RT @raphkoster: My thoughts on ten years of World of Warcraft
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4 days ago
Procjam 2014 – A Procedurally Generated Roguelike Using Phaser | Bytesize Adventures
I wrote a short blog post about the core procedural generation technique used in my entry:
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5 days ago
What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change - IEEE Spectrum
Too much CO2 even if all power plants switched to clean energy.
5 days ago
Interpreting Alpha
"Alpha is obviously incredibly useful for compositing images, but what does it really represent? This memo will explore that question and try to provide a complete answer." Is it *opacity* or *coverage*?
7 days ago
Pantelligent: Intelligent Pan - Cook Everything Perfectly — Kickstarter
Kickstarter to make a frying pan that has a mobile app (!). It has a temperature sensor too.
7 days ago
Log In - The New York Times
Congratulations to my team mates, and , for their amazing work on image descriptions, it's really magical!
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8 days ago
Untitled (http://www.redblobgames.com/mapgen3/2014-11-17-map-960.png)
Ok, until I improve the renderer, this is 960x960, so you can double it to 1920x1920 …
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8 days ago
Floating point range()
Floating point ranges (e.g. looping) are tricky because of floating point precision
math  software 
9 days ago
S. I. Hayakawa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term "ladder of abstraction" was coined by S. I. Hayakawa, professor of English, & Repub Senator for California
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10 days ago
alexjc (Alex J. Champandard) · GitHub
I'm calling this texture synthesis tool "imagescaper". Source down to 200 lines!
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10 days ago
Home | Video Digest
Will release video digest creation tool soon. Let us know if interested
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11 days ago
C4 carbon fixation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"C4" plants use a different carbon chemistry than "C3" plants. They are more drought tolerant and remove significantly more CO2 from the atmosphere than C3 plants. Researchers are developing a C4 variant of rice, which would use a lot less water and farmland than the conventional C3 form of rice.
biology  future  environment 
12 days ago
Why are handsome men such jerks?
(Applies to lots of things) Two variables A and B could be uncorrelated, but if you filter by A+B > x, then in the filtered set, A and B are negatively correlated.
12 days ago
Burning questions about winter cold | UCAR - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
What's causing the cold winters in the eastern U.S.? The pacific or the arctic?
12 days ago
Reaction Speeds in Gaming | [K]ayinworks
Argues that players who don't have the reaction speed to play fighting games … need to pick some simpler subset of the game
12 days ago
gallifreyan - shermansplanet
Gallifreyan language, written with intersecting circles
language  doctorwho 
12 days ago
Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz - Stuff
World War II would be considered unrealistic if it were written as fiction
funny  history 
15 days ago
Computational Geometry - YouTube
Uploaded some videos from this semester's computational geometry course: (not edited, probably many mistakes)
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15 days ago
On The Science of Interstellar | Dr. Ikjyot Singh Kohli's Blog
This weekend, general relativists have a hitherto rare currency as film critics:
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16 days ago
boyw165/hl-anything · GitHub
Highlight thing at point, selections, parentheses; and navigate between highlighted items
emacs  software 
17 days ago
Je crée mon jeu vidéo E10 : génération procédurale de carte (partie 1) - LinuxFr.org
(French article) Procedural map generation techniques - noise, relief shading, elevation shading, thermal erosion, water erosion, building placement, midpoint displacement vs hill placement. Also see part 2: http://linuxfr.org/news/je-cree-mon-jeu-video-e11-generation-procedurale-de-carte-partie-2
gamedev  maps  procedural 
17 days ago
python-colormath — python-colormath 2.0.2 documentation
Library for dealing with various color spaces: CIE, RGB, HSL, HSV, CMY, CMYK, sRGB vs AdobeRGB, IPT, Luv, ...
color  python  software 
18 days ago
Edit fiddle - JSFiddle
Rotating coords — matrix is just an optimization; 's solution is simpler though
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20 days ago
Porting to Emscripten ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Mozilla's tips for getting a game to compile under emscripten
c++  gamedev 
21 days ago
Highlights | Krita
Raster/vector drawing program with layers, filters, brushes, etc. Linux, Mac, Windows.
drawing  graphics  software 
21 days ago
Tabletop whale explains how the animated GIFs on tabletopwhale.com are made
writing  graphics 
22 days ago
Mini Metro
I imagine you guys might like playing Mini Metro
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22 days ago
FT interview with Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page - FT.com
Larry Page says Google hasn't been ambitious enough, that society is going to change drastically because of technology
23 days ago
Passenger privacy in the NYC Taxicab data
Neustar analyzes the data, with interactive charts, and proposes an alternate system to protect privacy
privacy  maps 
23 days ago
on vector math libraries
Advice for C++ vector/matrix math geometry libraries (2d, 3d), esp. C++. Includes clever tricks like using unions to access data both as an array and as names (x, y, z). Includes some discussion of point vs vector.
c++  gamedev  math 
25 days ago
Setting the system-wide PATH environment variable in Mavericks - Ask Different
Setting the system-wide PATH in Mac OS Mavericks changed, and then the technique used in Mavericks no longer works in Yosemite. There's yet another approach which works most of the time but not all of the time.
4 weeks ago
BetterExplained | Friendly lessons for lasting insight.
Kalid Azad's uses analogies, diagrams, examples, plain-english to explain technical topics
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4 weeks ago
▶ Procedural River Generation - YouTube
Procedural map generator for a river game. The river is linear but the bends and widths are generated, and then islands and flow.
procedural  gamedev 
4 weeks ago
Place HTML5 widgets on the OS X desktop
mac  software 
4 weeks ago
Learn Difficult Concepts with the ADEPT Method | BetterExplained
ADEPT = Analogy, Diagram, Example, Plain-English description, Technical description. The strategy Kalid Azad uses to explain technical topics on his site.
learning  writing 
4 weeks ago
I love OpenTTD. Also see and and
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4 weeks ago
Great Permutator
I love OpenTTD. Also see and and
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4 weeks ago
On Trello I keep a rough list of what I want to work on: (includes works-in-progress)
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4 weeks ago
[no title]
History of FreeType, Pango, HarfBuzz, etc.
fonts  typography  linux 
5 weeks ago
Amit's Thoughts: Emacs: Find files anywhere
helm has changed a lot of core functionality for me — files, buffers, grep, isearch; also see
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5 weeks ago
Beyond the Bell Curve, a New Universal Law | Quanta Magazine
Tracy-Widom distributions show up in all sorts of places. You get a Gaussian distribution when things are independent but often get Tracy-Widom when things are dependent on each other. Somehow related to transitions between stability and instability, and phase transitions, including the phase transition of the universe from plasma into particles. On one side of the distribution is when agents are independent (gas, instability); on the other side the agents all work together (solid, stability)?. Might also be related to ecosystems and economies.
structure  math  physics 
5 weeks ago
Dan Russell's Acoustics and Vibration Animations
Lots of animations about acoustics and vibration
audio  math 
5 weeks ago
Color streets by orientation, so that grids all end up the same color, but grids at different orientations are different colors. Neat.
5 weeks ago
Pathfinding in Caste Break | Bruno Assarisse
Using breadth first search instead of A* for games that have lots of units with the same destination
pathfinding  gamedev 
6 weeks ago
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