Food transportation issues and reducing carbon footprint [PDF]
"Buy local" can lead to increased carbon usage by encouraging food to be grown in places and times when it's not optimal
environment  food 
6 hours ago
WSDOT - Quieter Pavement Photos
Different types of road surfaces - asphalt, open graded asphalt, textured concrete, etc. pros and cons, noise levels
transportation  manufacturing 
The Unicode Blog: Unicode 9.0 Candidate Emoji
List of new emoji proposed for Unicode 9 (summer 2016)
The Role of Mechanics in Games : Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress's game mechanics are generic — the actions taken by each creature depends on properties of objects and not on objects. Instead of setting up a game mechanic where a fox eats a rabbit, the game sets up a mechanic where a fox eats anything smaller than itself that produces meat.
gamedev  structure 
4 Ways Elevators Will Get Totally Insane In 2016
Maglev elevators, multiple elevators per shaft, sideways moving elevators, elevators that can attach to each other …
transportation  construction 
2 days ago
Time-lapse Mining from Internet Photos
Construct time-lapses by using photos taken by different people at different times.
graphics  video  photography 
3 days ago
peppermint-kiss comments on Why do people hate baby boomers?
(Discussion) Strauss-Howe generational theory: Hero, Artist, Prophet, Nomad generations, then the cycle repeats
structure  society  people 
3 days ago
General Morphological Analysis
Problem-solving method that looks at the matrix of possibilities, eliminates the ones that are logically inconsistent, then says to go through every possibility, one by one.
4 days ago
You may not need D3
DOM equivalents of D3 functions; also useful to understand what D3 is doing under the hood.
d3  javascript 
4 days ago
An Analysis of the Dynamic Behavior of JavaScript Programs
Large scale study of actual behavior of Javascript programs: how much do they actually use dynamic features, especially those that impact optimization? Some of the findings: most call sites are monomorphic, eval is surprisingly common, fields are added to objects after the constructor finishes.
javascript  programming 
4 days ago
Found it! Been looking for this comic a while... How human brains deal with negative feedback:
from twitter_favs
6 days ago
Mac app that lets you pick any color on the screen, then see #rrggbb or hsl() or rgb() or other formats
color  mac  software 
6 days ago
I Made a Game | The Rodeo
Inspired by your videos (which I showed my kids), I made a game completely unlike yours!

from twitter_favs
6 days ago
nathco/Office-Code-Pro · GitHub
Version of "Source Code Pro" designed for programming
8 days ago
Implementation of Hex Grids
File under “to read if I ever want to write an app with a hexagon grid”
from twitter_favs
10 days ago
Pixel Scalers
Explanation of various pixel art scaling algorithms: h2x, xbr, sal, epx, eagle
art  algorithms 
10 days ago
Tantrix.com - The world's most twisted puzzle game
your hex-grid resources are so useful! Amazing work! If you ever need an example hex-grid puzzle game:
from twitter_favs
10 days ago
On Demand Parking & Valet Services - Luxe Valet
Interesting service. Instead of trying to find a parking spot in SF, their valet will come pick up the car and park it for you, and then deliver it to wherever you are when you're ready to get it back.
structure  business  cars 
14 days ago
Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers
RT : Following my well received GDC talk, here's the complete post on 2D Camera Systems:
from twitter
15 days ago
Uniqueness type - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In programming, type of a value that can be passed around, but only one reference kept to it. Like linear logic, but for programming. Used in Rust.
rust  programming  math 
15 days ago
▶ Reading, writing, math in 10 months? Visiting speed school in Ethiopia (Learning World: S5E24, 2/3) - YouTube
Lots of Ethiopian kids aren't in school; the "Speed School" tries to get them caught up so they can get back into the public school program
education  giving 
15 days ago
Blobs in Games: Rough sketch for a transportation game
Cities Skylines has reawakened my interest in writing a warehouse, airport, or container port design/building game.
from twitter
16 days ago
Work in progress: implementation guide to accompany my hex grid page.
from twitter
17 days ago
String vs str in Rust
For all the new people who will be checking out the impending 1.0 release: String vs &str in #rustlang functions
17 days ago
Blog of the things
1'st attempt at a map generator, thanks and for the inspiration:
from twitter_favs
18 days ago
First life with 'alien' DNA : Nature News & Comment
There are fifth and sixth base pairs, "alien DNA", as predicted by X-Files ;-)
18 days ago
Thompson sampling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Decision procedure: choose actions in proportion to rewards, instead of always choosing the maximum-reward action. Related: probability matching
19 days ago
Asus P7P55D-E How do I update the Bios? - AnandTech Forums
how to use ASUS ez-flash to update the bios from a flash drive
howto  computers 
19 days ago
Untitled (http://nbviewer.ipython.org/url/norvig.com/ipython/TSPv3.ipynb)
This epic iPython notebook is one of the best lessons I've read about algorithms, design, and problem solving
from twitter_favs
20 days ago
Flame Warriors Home
Categorization of types of people who flame/troll online
communication  people 
20 days ago
Survey: Commuting
Charts showing Americans drive cars more, use public transit less, and their commutes are shorter.
20 days ago
El Niño Modoki Phenomenon in the Tropical Pacific
Does it rain more in California during El Niño? It depends. There are two types of El Niño: conventional and Modoki.
21 days ago
ZSH resources
List of packages, package managers, tutorials, configuration tips
21 days ago
Machine learning for emoji trends
How people are using emoji on instagram, including machine learning to find which hashtags are most used with which emoji
22 days ago
Guillaume Chereau Blog - Comparison of Doom 1, Quake, and Doom 3 entity references system
Games often have a set of entities they are working with, and have to deal with creation and deletion of entities, including references to those entities. This post compares how Doom 1, Quake, and Doom 3 deal with creation & deletion in their game loop.
23 days ago
Cliffski's Blog | Implications of a global market on random success
RT : Thoughts on the global amplification of random success: trigger warning: "criticizes popular things"
from twitter
23 days ago
RT : Check out this new path finding library!
from twitter
24 days ago
The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk
Amazing things that the Commodore 64 hardware is capable of that it doesn't seem to be capable of
hacks  computers  history 
24 days ago
Traffic Signal Progression
Time-space diagrams showing how to understand traffic signal timing
transportation  visualization 
26 days ago
Contour plowing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Plowing with the contour instead of against it increases crop yield, reduces topsoil loss
environment  food 
26 days ago
The Invented History of 'The Factory Model of Education'
The "Prussian model" of education wasn't the only one, and not used everywhere
education  history 
27 days ago
Keenan Crane - Discrete Differential Geometry
"The decomposition of a vector field into its constituent parts also plays an important role in geometry processing—we describe a simple algorithm for Helmholtz-Hodge decomposition based on the discrete Poisson equation."
math  geometry 
28 days ago
Ordinary Least Squares Regression explained visually
Explained Visually is now open source! Examples of + in the latest vis:
from twitter_favs
29 days ago
vicapow/explained-visually · GitHub
Explained Visually is now open source! Examples of + in the latest vis:
from twitter_favs
29 days ago
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