Procedural Content Generation in Games | A textbook and an overview of current research
has some PCG that uses graphs for representing game states; Goblin Camp is a game that uses Munkres-Kuhn
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17 hours ago
Untitled (http://www.redblobgames.com/grids/hexagons/codegen/output/Tests.hx)
You can see it here: (also see lib.cs, lib.py, lib.cc for C#, Python, C++ code)
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17 hours ago
Untitled (http://maxgoldste.in/melkman/)
Cool interactive explanation of Melkman's Algorithm for convex hulls. by
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Hexagonal Grids
Sad that it's taken this long for me to understand hex coordinate axes. 6mo ago: made me think
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4 days ago
Whalesong: a Racket to JavaScript compiler
"Whalesong is a compiler from Racket to JavaScript; it takes Racket programs and translates them so that they can run stand-alone on a user’s web browser. It should allow Racket programs to run with (hopefully!) little modification, and provide access through the foreign-function interface to native JavaScript APIs."
programming  lisp 
4 days ago
Blobs in Games: Hex grids: procedurally generating code
I've been working on a project to generate hex grid code libraries for my hex grid guide.
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5 days ago
thoughtlessness | NEVERSAW.US
I wrote a bit about thoughtlessness and GitHub issue anti-patterns:
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6 days ago
Belief-Driven Pathfinding Through Personalized Map Abstraction
Belief-Driven Pathfinding uses the beliefs of each agent when trying to compute a shortest path, as understood by that agent
algorithms  gamedev  pathfinding 
6 days ago
Blobs in Games: Simplifying the variants of hex grids
Trying to simplify my hex grid page (thinking out loud)
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8 days ago
Literature Review on Reaction Time
Reaction time depends on age, gender, fatigue, breathing, exercise, part of the eye, which hand, etc. via nelson
biology  performance 
8 days ago
Triangle Scan Conversion using 2D Homogeneous Coordinates
"We present a new triangle scan conversion algorithm that works entirely in homogeneous coordinates. By using homogeneous coordinates, the algorithm avoids costly clipping tests which make pipelining or hardware implementations of previous scan conversion algorithms difficult. The algorithm handles clipping by the addition of clip edges, without the need to actually split the clipped triangle. Furthermore, the algorithm can render true homogeneous triangles, including external triangles that should pass through infinity with two visible sections. An implementation of the algorithm on Pixel-Planes 5 runs about 33% faster than a similar implementation of the previous algorithm."
12 days ago
Live Text
Paper from 1990 about being able to edit the output of a program, and have those edits go back and change the original inputs. For example if you edit the output of "grep", it should go back and edit the original files. In Emacs, wgrep and writable dired let you do this.
structure  technology 
15 days ago
Nvidia engineer comments on Vulkan
Huge amount of code, all games ship buggy, they work around bugs in the drivers, yuck
graphics  software 
20 days ago
Yendor.ts - RogueBasin
Roguelike library written in Typescript
typescript  gamedev  javascript  software 
23 days ago
Audiogrep by antiboredom
Index, grep, and assemble (supercut) audio snippets of spoken words
audio  software 
23 days ago
A Probabilistic Model of Component-Based Shape Synthesis
From input shapes, learn the components of those shapes, then synthesize new shapes
23 days ago
[1203.1895] Classic Nintendo Games are (Computationally) Hard
"We prove NP-hardness results for five of Nintendo's largest video game franchises: Mario, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon. Our results apply to generalized versions of Super Mario Bros. 1-3, The Lost Levels, and Super Mario World; Donkey Kong Country 1-3; all Legend of Zelda games; all Metroid games; and all Pokemon role-playing games. In addition, we prove PSPACE-completeness of the Donkey Kong Country games and several Legend of Zelda games. "
games  math 
26 days ago
Clever CSS that triggers when there are N child elements
26 days ago
value representation in javascript implementations -- wingolog
There are 2^53 NaNs in the 2^64 double space, so you can use that to store pointers, ints, etc.
hacks  compilers 
4 weeks ago
2013 June 24 - AI Design Breakdown
Jon Shafer describes AI design for a Civilization-like game
gamedev  games 
4 weeks ago
How to Grow a Forest Really, Really Fast — TED Fellows — Medium
Artificial growth using design and measurement can produce forests much faster than natural growth
environment  engineering 
5 weeks ago
Pronouns Matter when Psyching Yourself Up - HBR
Calling yourself "I" and "me" seems to make you worse off than calling yourself by your name or "you" or "he/she". Weird.
5 weeks ago
Vallentin Source | Show Normals (Geometry Shader)
People sometimes color normals with R,G,B for debugging shaders, but this is a geometry shader that draws nifty little normal lines.
opengl  gamedev  graphics 
6 weeks ago
Pathfinding Benchmarks
Maps from Bioware and Blizzard games, for use in pathfinding benchmarks
6 weeks ago
Marching Squares 3, a Unity C# Tutorial
Marching squares with variants for hermite data, sharp corners, ambiguous cases
6 weeks ago
Preattention demo
Demo showing how the brain can pick up certain colors and shapes really quickly, quicker than the eye can move
6 weeks ago
Fujifilm X100S Review: Digital Photography Review
Fuji's X-Trans sensor uses a varying pattern of red/blue to avoid moire effects so that they don't need a low pass filter (which reduces sharpness)
photography  technology 
7 weeks ago
fniessen/emacs-leuven-theme · GitHub
Emacs theme for org-mode (and a few other modes)
emacs  color 
8 weeks ago
Clang C++ Modernizer User’s Manual — Extra Clang Tools 3.7 documentation
Tool analyzes your C++ code and converts a few things to newer C++ constructs, such as 'auto' in loops, and replacing auto_ptr
c++  programming 
8 weeks ago
Retro Renderer
Render 3d OBJ models using banded lighting (a few shades of each color instead of smooth gradient) and material-based outlines (draw black border when material changes)
graphics  gamedev  art 
8 weeks ago
Real happenings and Facts: THE GREAT GREEN WALL OF AFRICA
Geoengineering - green belt across the southern sahara
geology  environment 
9 weeks ago
Increasing image resolution
Unlike HQ2x etc. this works on photographs
graphics  algorithms 
10 weeks ago
OpenGL - Introduction
Tutorial for OpenGL, including SDL and geometry shaders
graphics  opengl  gamedev 
11 weeks ago
Spirit of Iron: Simplectic Noise
Another noise function, a variant of OpenSimplex which has much simpler code. However, see this evaluation of it: http://www.reddit.com/r/proceduralgeneration/comments/2rt2ht/simplex_variant_comparison/
math  gamedev  procedural 
12 weeks ago
Weather APIs
This site compares various weather APIs, pricing, accuracy, documentation
weather  programming 
december 2014
Happy Isles Rockfall 1996 [PDF]
In 1996 there was a huge rock fall near Happy Isles, falling at over 200 mph. This paper suggests that it triggered something like a pryoclastic flow.
december 2014
Chaotic Shiny - About
Lots of procedural generators - magic, characters, religions, etc.
december 2014
Tutorials by Majnouna on DeviantArt
Lots of tutorials for human figure and animal drawing
december 2014
Why Are Some Cultures More Individualistic Than Others? - NYTimes.com
Cultures that grew wheat ended up more individualistic; cultures that grew rice ended up more interdependent
history  society 
december 2014
Iñigo Quilez - fractals, computer graphics, mathematics, demoscene and more
Grid : Value noise :: Voronoi :: Voronoise. An extension of value noise to work with voronoi diagrams
math  gamedev 
december 2014
2003 Prius
Chart of miles-per-gallon vs miles-per-hour for a prius — this hybrid does best around 20mph?
cars  efficiency 
december 2014
Mpg For Speed - Fuel Efficiency Vs. Speed
Chart of highway automobile fuel efficiency at different speeds. Incomplete data though. They show a generic chart that doesn't take into account area (SUVs lose more at higher speeds than short/aerodynamic cars). You can see the difference above 55mph in the second chart, but it'd be nice if that chart also showed lower speeds to back up the data from the first chart. Comments on http://www.greencarcongress.com/2006/05/fuel_consumptio.html suggest that the data might be wrong though :(
efficiency  cars 
december 2014
NUTS Unrealistic Train Set
Alternative set of trains for OpenTTD. Interesting approach.
november 2014
Overview - YETI Extended Towns & Industries
Alternative set of industries for OpenTTD
november 2014
A comparative study of screen space ambient occlusion methods
"In this report we present a comparison between six screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO) methods. The aim is to compare their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately to find a superior method. The methods are chosen to differ algorithmically to get the broadest overview as possible. We find that a method known as Alchemy AO is the superior approach. The report also includes discussions of topics related to the field of ambient occlusion in general. "
november 2014
A Desirable-Future Haiku — The Message — Medium
Kevin Kelly asks for suggestions of what a positive future would look like, then writes his own: most people live in cities, more green land, genetic engineering, cheap energy, middle class does creative work, robot labor, free education
november 2014
Heatmaps, Point Clouds and Big Data in Processing - :: JimBlackhurst.com ::
Analysis of game data from Just Cause 2 shows fast travel and player death events on a map. Also see the stunning video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEoxaGkNcrg
games  visualization 
november 2014
Ten years of World of Warcraft
RT @raphkoster: My thoughts on ten years of World of Warcraft
games  wow  history 
november 2014
What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change - IEEE Spectrum
Too much CO2 even if all power plants switched to clean energy.
november 2014
Interpreting Alpha
"Alpha is obviously incredibly useful for compositing images, but what does it really represent? This memo will explore that question and try to provide a complete answer." Is it *opacity* or *coverage*?
november 2014
Pantelligent: Intelligent Pan - Cook Everything Perfectly — Kickstarter
Kickstarter to make a frying pan that has a mobile app (!). It has a temperature sensor too.
november 2014
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