Metaballs and Marching Squares - Zero Wind :: Jamie Wong
Metaballs, marching squares, contour lines, terrain rendering
algorithms  graphics  gamedev 
4 days ago
A Turn-Based Game Loop – journal.stuffwithstuff.com
Game loop that handles each actor having a different number of turns, invalid moves, inserting other actions. Uses the command pattern and handles event loops (e.g. running in the browser)
design  gamedev  structure 
6 days ago
Boilerplate Removal with Uniplate
Abstractions for common traversal patterns of recursive algebraic data types
haskell  programming  structure 
7 days ago
m2ym/popwin-el · GitHub
Get rid of annoying emacs windows like *help* and *completions* after you're done with them
8 days ago
New canvas features: path objects, hit regions and more
Proposed canvas features for 'hit' regions let you put mouse events and mouse pointers on shapes inside a <canvas>. Not implemented in any browser.
javascript  dhtml 
10 days ago
chrisdone/elisp-guide · GitHub
Quick overview of writing elisp for emacs customization and extensions
emacs  lisp  programming 
13 days ago
Leshy SFMaker
Tool to make simple sound effects for games
gamedev  audio 
13 days ago
Colour: Features
Color library for Python that includes tons of color spaces, notations, and operations
color  python  software 
14 days ago
[PDF] syntax-parse: better macro system for Scheme
Paper by Felleisen and Culpepper. Improves over previous macro systems by providing reusable abstractions and producing good error messages
lisp  structure 
21 days ago
Geometric Algebra FAQ
Geometric Algebra is a vector algebra for geometry, with vectors, bivectors, and other objects, as well as cross products and other operations. For me it solved the mystery of why cross products only work in 3D. Useful for game development (3D in particular).
math  gamedev 
24 days ago
Current Status : Standard C++
C++98 (major), C++03 (minor), C++11 (major), C++14 (minor), C++17 (major) list of features and changes
24 days ago
Game of Life dwarfputing megaproject
Someone made Conway's Game of Life inside Dwarf Fortress
24 days ago
Game Level Layout from Design Specification
Designer chooses an overall layout and the system fills in the rest of the level
gamedev  procedural 
28 days ago
Gamasutra: Daniel Cook's Blog - 11 Tips for Maximizing Player Expression
"As game developers, we talk quite a bit about how we can build games that allow an author to express themselves more clearly. What about the flip side of the game equation? How can we build games that allow the player to express themselves in a rich and meaningful fashion?"
28 days ago
C++11/14 idioms I use every day | Seshbot Programs
C++ is on a tick/tock schedule now, with C++11 being the big features and C++14 being cleanup and C++17 being more big features. This article has some of the conveniences in C++11 and C++14.
29 days ago
Rule of Zero @ Flaming Dangerzone
C++ move constructors and how many classes don't need any user-defined constructors or destructors
29 days ago
The Future of College? - The Atlantic
Minerva has online classrooms where people interact
education  learning 
4 weeks ago
Video games and urban simulation: new tools or new tricks?
City builder games allow simulation of complex systems. "Games induce players to learn the model but not to challenge or produce new knowledge"
structure  games  simulation  gamedev 
4 weeks ago
FF Franziska
The making of the Franziska font, explaining weights, heights, styles, kerning, etc.
typography  design 
4 weeks ago
What's up, Doc? The way the greatest games might have been. | SMTG
RT : What some milestone games were supposed to be according to their original design docs. Pretty crazy.
from twitter
4 weeks ago
Monte-Carlo Tree Search in TOTAL WAR: ROME II’s Campaign AI | AiGameDev.com
RT : [blog] All Monte-Carlo Tree Searches Lead To ROME 2: On TOTAL WAR’s Campaign AI
from twitter
4 weeks ago
module TotalSpaces2 - RDoc Documentation
TotalSpaces for Mac has a Ruby API that lets you move windows to different virtual desktops and monitor for changes
programming  mac  software 
5 weeks ago
Affinity Designer - Vector art & design
Vector (+pixel) drawing app for Mac, with svg/png export
mac  software 
5 weeks ago
Neural networks and deep learning
Online book showing how neural networks work, using Python/NumPy code examples
algorithms  math 
5 weeks ago
Church vs Curry Types | LispCast
Intrinsic vs extrinsic type systems. Intrinsic: types are inherently part of the program. Extrinsic: the program logic is independent of types.
5 weeks ago
dat.GUI lets you export some js variables to make them editable with a gui as the program runs
5 weeks ago
Python for Programmers
Packages, virtualenv, debugging, ipython
programming  python 
5 weeks ago
Javascript version of bxfr/sxfr - for making simple sound effects for games, especially if you don't have any sound effects already
audio  gamedev 
6 weeks ago
2D Sprites that Look 3D
Normal mapping on 2d sprites to add lighting effects, with WebGL demo
gamedev  graphics 
6 weeks ago
EmacsWiki: Smart Tabs
Tabs or spaces for indentation? "Smart tabs" use tabs for *indentation* and spaces for *alignment*. This package is for emacs but there's also one for vim.
emacs  programming 
6 weeks ago
Input: Fonts for Code
Monospace and proportional fonts designed specifically for coding, serif and sans serif, many weights and variants. Free for personal use but not for publishing use. Preview and download pages lets you choose style of a, g, l, i, 0, * characters, as well as line height.
6 weeks ago
The design of a signage typeface | I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY
Analyzing font for signs with distance, fog, contrast in mind, and coming up with a new font for road signs, Wayfaring Sans
typography  fonts  design 
6 weeks ago
Multicolor fonts
Sadly, multicolor fonts are coming. Apple, Mozilla, Adobe, Google, Microsoft all have their own incompatible formats.
6 weeks ago
syohex/emacs-helm-ag · GitHub
recursive grep (using 'ag') with helm. Searches as you type.
7 weeks ago
chrisdone/god-mode · GitHub
Emacs mode that lets you use emacs commands without pressing ctrl. Sort of like vim but with emacs commands instead of vim commands, so it's not as powerful, but it might be easier to use for emacs users.
7 weeks ago
Lucky Lion Studios – Royalty-Free Video Game Music Library
Royalty-free music for games, priced between $5 and $10 each
gamedev  music 
7 weeks ago
sindresorhus/quick-look-plugins · GitHub
Mac Quick Look plugins for seeing source code, json, patch, csv, zip, webp files; can be installed via homebrew cask
mac  software 
7 weeks ago
(Also is a Julia notebook) Perceived color of any molecule, based on spectral lines, compared to photographs
7 weeks ago
"The Event Notify Test Runner is a general-purpose UNIX utility intended to make rapid feedback and automated testing natural and completely ordinary." -- run a command when some files change
unix  software 
8 weeks ago
MathML Torture Test - Mozilla | MDN
Testing various MathML features. On my system, Firefox has the best support, Safari is ok, and Chrome is terrible.
firefox  math  typography 
8 weeks ago
Firefox's multi-process architecture gets new test mode - gHacks Tech News
How to enable separate process per tab in firefox. I tried it but logins and flash plugins didn't work well.
firefox  hacks 
8 weeks ago
Lightroom 4 and 5 Hardware Performance Test: Single vs Dual CPUs, Hard Drive Configurations, Previews and More!
Lightroom performance tests suggest putting the catalog on SSD won't help that much, that multiple CPUs won't help much, and that Lightroom 4 is faster than Lightroom 5 :(
lightroom  photography 
8 weeks ago
Blazing Fast HTML
Functional programming, model -> rebuild html, then diff html with existing html to see what to tell the browser to change. Nice model.
structure  web 
8 weeks ago
elitekeyboards.com - Products
Topre switch keyboards feel different from cherry switches but I haven't had a chance to try one in person. Interesting feature: different keys can be weighted differently to match the expected strength of the finger hitting it.
keyboard  getting 
8 weeks ago
Wireless Bluetooth + USB Mechanical Keyboards for the PC, Mac, PS3, iOS & Android - KBtalKingUSA.com
USB + bluetooth mechanical keyboard with 10 bluetooth pairings. Cherry blue or cherry brown. I got the cherry blue.
keyboard  getting 
8 weeks ago
Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard for PC
Mechanical keyboard that claims to be rather quiet
getting  keyboard 
8 weeks ago
noto - Fonts that support all languages/characters in Unicode - Google Project Hosting
"Noto's goal is providing a beautiful reading experience for everyone and for all languages. With visual harmony when multiple languages share a page. With multiple styles and weights. Freely available to all."
9 weeks ago
Choosing Type Alignments for the Web
Justified vs left-aligned typography on the web, with images to show problems with both
9 weeks ago
The Last Line Effect
"I have studied numbers of errors caused by using the Copy-Paste method and can assure you that programmers most often tend to make mistakes in the last fragment of a homogeneous code block. I have never seen this phenomenon described in books on programming, so I decided to write about it myself. I called it the "last line effect"."
9 weeks ago
Mastering Key Bindings in Emacs | Mastering Emacs
Different keymaps (major mode, minor mode, global, etc.), remapping existing bindings, prefixes
9 weeks ago
Documentation, Tutorial and FAQ | Gamelogic
Unity library implementing square, hex, cube, triangle, and other grid types
software  gamedev 
9 weeks ago
Introduction to Automatic Differentiation
"Automatic differentiation may be one of the best scientific computing techniques you’ve never heard of. If you work with computers and real numbers at the same time, I think you stand to benefit from at least a basic understanding of AD, which I hope this article will provide; and even if you are a veteran automatic differentiator, perhaps you might enjoy my take on it."
9 weeks ago
Patches & Updates for the GOG.com Ultima Releases
Patches for Ultima 1-7, if you're going to play them again in a DOS box
9 weeks ago
Tyto Online // Learning MMORPG by Immersed Games — Kickstarter
MMORPG for learning about biomes, habitats, etc. You interact with the system to see how well things work. $50k Kickstarter. I'm skeptical about their need to make it an MMO; it'll complicate everything and they'll end up with less content and game systems. Is multiplayer worth making the game smaller?
education  biology 
9 weeks ago
Gabriel Gambetta - Fast-Paced Multiplayer
"This is a series of articles explaining the architecture of client-server multiplayer games with high update rates, for example an FPS. It focuses on how to avoid issues related to lag, low-frequency server updates, and synchronization between players and the server."
gamedev  networking 
9 weeks ago
"Luculent is a family of scalable (vector), monospaced, geometric sans-serif screen fonts designed for programmers." With italic/bold variants too, and hinting.
9 weeks ago
Pablo Caro - Hermit: a font for programmers, by a programmer
"Hermit is a monospace font designed to be clear, pragmatic and very readable. Its creation has been focused on programming. Every glyph was carefully planned and calculated, according to defined principles and rules. For this reason, Hermit is coherent and regular."
9 weeks ago
Mensch -- A coding font
Variant of Menlo / DejaVu Sans Mono
9 weeks ago
tables - Org-mode export to LaTeX: temptation or nuisance? - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
Using emacs org-mode to output LaTeX -- some potentially useful customizations
emacs  orgmode 
10 weeks ago
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