A Simulation In Emoji
RT : ★ New interactive thing! ★
Simulate the world... in EMOJI

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11 hours ago
ericniebler/range-v3 · GitHub
"Why does C++ need another range library? Simply put, the existing solutions haven't kept up with the rapid evolution of C++. Range v3 is a library for the future C++. Not only does it work well with today's C++ -- move semantics, lambdas, automatically deduced types and all -- it also anticipates tomorrow's C++ with Concepts Lite.

Range v3 forms the basis of a proposal to add range support to the standard library (N4128: Ranges for the Standard Library). It also will be the reference implementation for an upcoming Technical Specification. These are the first steps toward turning ranges into an international standard."
c++  software 
What can a technologist do about climate change? A personal view.
★ What Can A Technologist Do About Climate Change? (A Personal View)
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2 days ago
AStar pathfinding in Swift · GitHub
Implemented A* pathfinding in Swift last night. Thoughts?
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2 days ago
libfixmath - Cross Platform Fixed Point Maths Library - Google Project Hosting
Fixed point (16.16) implementations of sin, cos, tan, atan2, sqrt, exp
math  gamedev 
3 days ago
Untitled (https://www.quora.com/What-is-a-coders-worst-nightmare/answer/Mick-Stute?srid=RBKZ&share=1)
Hilarious piece of fan fiction(?), based on Ken Thompson's "Reflections on Trusting Trust": via
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4 days ago
TIFU by using Math.random() — Medium
RT : "Random" noise from Math.random() in Safari (top) and Chrome (bottom). More details at
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5 days ago
(404) https://onedrive.live.com/pagenotfounderror
"Shaders? Where we're going we don't need shaders." Or, the story of (some of) my GCN hacking through OpenGL:
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6 days ago
Space Station 13 on Twitter: "An interesting read on Gamasutra about Space Station 13: https://t.co/jppt2bP5WI"
RT : If you were ever wondering what the fuss was about with SS13 but had never played it, this is a great article.
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6 days ago
The Linguistic Relativity of Programming - zeigenspace, a blog
A very interesting essay on how programming languages affect how we think, by
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10 days ago
"In this paper, we present a framework for representing complex terrains with such features as overhangs, arches and caves and including different materials such as sand and rocks. Our hybrid model combines a volumetric discrete data structure that stores the different materials and an implicit representation for sculpting and reconstructing the surface of the terrain. Complex scenes can be edited and sculpted interactively with high level tools. We also propose an original rock generation technique that enables us to automatically generate complex rocky sceneries with piles of rocks without any computationally demanding physically-based simulation"
water  graphics 
11 days ago
FAQ Friday #25: Pathfinding : roguelikedev
But you might also be interested in the discussion here:
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12 days ago
Webstrates: shareable dynamic media. Interesting approach:
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13 days ago
Flash Fill Gives Excel a Smart Charge
Excel can learn operations by example
13 days ago
Gasp! A Breathing Puzzle
How insects breathe, part of a fantastic new site with explanations
13 days ago
W.Z.D.: Laser Board
Does it count if I make my board games look like that? .
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13 days ago
Index 1,600,000,000 Keys with Automata and Rust - Andrew Gallant's Blog
Nice explanation of a cool data structure and algorithm — finite state transducers —
14 days ago
RT : John Carmack's Deep Thoughts: Ideas, Work, and Emotion (my notes from a talk of his)
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14 days ago
Flux Sideload
Load Flux (color temperature changing app) onto iOS without jailbreaking
iphone  software 
14 days ago
Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing
How do you escape characters sent over the network? This proposal writes the number of bytes before the next 0, so that 0 bytes can be used to resynchronize with the message boundaries
15 days ago
Rectangle Intersection Problem
RT : Rectangle Intersection Problem Animated explanation
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15 days ago
Water in soils: infiltration and redistribution
Evaporation, groundwater, soil saturation, water pressure, surface runoff, etc., for different types of soils. Includes formulas with models.
16 days ago
Untitled (http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/~perlin/facedemo/)
Ken Perlin has a classic demo along these lines that uses Perlin noise for animation too:
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17 days ago
Facial expressions
This face generator by is awesome.
"The possiblity space is a 5D hypercube."
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18 days ago
Majnouna: Creation: Guide to Cats
Majnouna has amazing posters; these are some posters about drawing cats
cats  art 
18 days ago
aparrish/pronouncingpy · GitHub
"A simple interface for the CMU pronouncing dictionary"
python  software 
18 days ago
Cheerp 1.1 - C++ for the Web with fast startup times, dynamic memory and now, more speed!
Another C++ to js compiler, with better integration than emscripten, but worse performance. Warning: the integration with the browser is GPL.
c++  web 
19 days ago
PROCJAM 2015 Talks - YouTube
RT : Today at 12.45pm GMT we'll be live with an afternoon of talks about procedural generation right here:
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19 days ago
TweetNaCl: Introduction
"TweetNaCl is the world's first auditable high-security cryptographic library. TweetNaCl fits into just 100 tweets"
security  software  c++ 
21 days ago
ColinNorthway on Twitter: "You know I played a lot more 5 minute games when flash was a thing. We lost a lot there."
Power play by massive uninterested platforms killed a massive grassroots population of game developers and players.
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22 days ago
dabeaz/curio · GitHub
Python library using Python 3.5 coroutines, alternative to asyncio or threads or twisted
python  structure 
25 days ago
Data Structures for Game Developers: The Slot Map
Maintaining a mapping from ID to object, handling object creation/destruction, and preserving pointers to objects when the mapping is resized
gamedev  algorithms  database 
25 days ago
pdqsort/readme.md at master · orlp/pdqsort · GitHub
Pattern-defeating sort has a fast average case but also good worst case and works well on sorted input
26 days ago
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