(A Bit of) Biological Neural Networks - Part I, Spiking Neurons
Introduction to biological neurons, and the mathematical models for them. Dynamical systems. Mildly interactive page.
biology  math 
2 days ago
Hurst exponent - Wikipedia
“A value H in the range 0.5–1 indicates a time series with long-term positive autocorrelation, meaning both that a high value in the series will probably be followed by another high value and that the values a long time into the future will also tend to be high. A value in the range 0 – 0.5 indicates a time series with long-term switching between high and low values in adjacent pairs, meaning that a single high value will probably be followed by a low value and that the value after that will ten...
math  structure 
2 days ago
Does Talking to Attractive Women Make Men Dumber? | Psychology Today
“Cognitive performance was assessed both before and after the interactions using demanding working memory and attention tasks. Men’s performance on these tasks declined significantly after interacting with a woman (relative to the same-sex condition), and even more so after interacting with an attractive woman. Women’s cognitive performance stayed consistent regardless of whether they interacted with a same or other sex individual—and regardless of the attractiveness of the other individual.”
biology  weird 
5 days ago
Jepsen: Redis redux
Redis uses algorithms that aren't proven to be safe
5 days ago
Self-cleaning phone screen
Materials science is amazing, and I'm surrounded by people making social ads better :-/
manufacturing  engineering 
5 days ago
FastAI coding style
Some people use a more compact coding style than the usual recommended style. Rationale
6 days ago
Tasks, microtasks, queues and schedules - JakeArchibald.com
Internals of when setTimeout and events and Promises run - different in each browser of course
13 days ago
Example-based terrain synthesis
Given lots of examples, and a sketch of what the output should be, the system can synthesize a terrain.
procgen  maps 
26 days ago
Taco Bell Programming
Code is a liability; functionality is an asset
29 days ago
History of Unity game engine
They wrote an engine, realized it wouldn't be good enough without a game, so they then wrote a game (Gooball), then went back to release the engine.
4 weeks ago
Peter Norvig here. I came to Python not because I thought it was a better/accept... | Hacker News
Peter Norvig says he uses Python because it matches the pseudocode in his AI textbook
5 weeks ago
Computational Meta-Psychology
Interesting talk connecting computational processes with animal/human/societal behavior, with the goal of developing AI.
structure  society 
5 weeks ago
The Trust Spectrum – Raph's Website
How much do you trust another play in a game? And for what things? Research blog post
gamedev  society 
5 weeks ago
Overpass Font
Open source font inspired by Highway Gothic, with sans serif and mono variants. From Red Hat.
5 weeks ago
Wind turbines are getting taller, bigger, and more powerful - Vox
Bigger wind turbines produce a lot more power, so they're producing huge turbines. Eiffel Tower height.
environment  engineering 
5 weeks ago
lvalues, rvalues, glvalues, prvalues, xvalues, help! | C++ on a Friday
Nice explanation of this explosion from l/r value to all the new categories
6 weeks ago
Screen-filling Rasterization using Screen-aligned Quads and Triangles
It's faster to use one big triangle than two triangles if you want to fill the screen
6 weeks ago
The minimum number of triangles per draw call
GPUs need to have enough work to do in each draw call; otherwise some of it will sit idle
6 weeks ago
An Efficient Snell's-Law Method for Optimal-Path Planning Across Multiple Two-dimensional Irregular Homogeneous-Cost Regions
"We are exploring a new approach to high-level optimal-path planning when homogeneous irregularly-shaped regions of a plane have different traversal costs per unit distance. It is based on the simple idea that optimal paths must be straight in homogeneous regions, and so those regions need not be subdivided for path planning. Our approach uses optics analogies, ray tracing, and Snell's Law, and reduces the problem to an efficient graph search with a variety of pruning criteria. The time and spac...
7 weeks ago
trees are harlequins, words are harlequins — Some recent thoughts about deep learning, which...
Thoughts about how image classification neural networks are memorizing examples instead of generalizing
7 weeks ago
Symmetric Waves — Greg Egan
Visualizations of various types of symmetry on a sphere, with spherical harmonics (haven't read the page yet)
7 weeks ago
Maybe you don't need Rust and WASM to speed up your JS
Someone digs into some JS code and improves performance one thing at a time, ends up with much faster code.
javascript  performance 
7 weeks ago
Guns And States | Slate Star Codex
Slate Star Codex looks at U.S. gun violence data, separating it out by homicide vs suicide, north vs south, urban vs rural, white vs black, and other factors
politics  society 
7 weeks ago
DasSur.ma – Deep-copying in JavaScript
Surprisingly, JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(x)) is the fastest way to deep copy an object, assuming it has no cycles or functions, etc.
javascript  performance 
8 weeks ago
Localization and Plurals - Mozilla | MDN
There are lots of different systems for plurals, e.g. Welsh has different forms for 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, of something.
8 weeks ago
Looks like a wiki+docs+trello service
9 weeks ago
Immediate mode GUIs | Lambda the Ultimate
Discussion of immediate mode GUIs, functional reactive programming, etc.
11 weeks ago
Improving Open Source with Amalgamation – Dev Curious
C++ open source libraries are often distributed in a way that makes them hard to integrate into your own program. "Header only" libraries tend to be easier to integrate but have some disadvantages. "Amalgamated" libraries have one h and one cpp file, keeping them easy to integrate without the limitations of header-only.
c++  software 
11 weeks ago
Seam Carving demo that runs in the browser
Put in an image and resize it, and it will use seam carving to resize
photography  algorithms 
11 weeks ago
Beginner's guide to PID controllers
List of things that are needed in practice: initialization, windup mitigation, derivative kick, …
algorithms  math 
11 weeks ago
Cozy Games - report
Fulfilling higher level needs, rewards, stimulus, lots more. Long report, interesting.
12 weeks ago
Group Report: Ethical Video Game Monetization
List of rules to follow, and types of monetization
12 weeks ago
Settlers of Catan and the Invasion of the German Board Games - The Atlantic
“This mode of play is pleasant on multiple levels. There is an enormous amount of fussy micromanagerial satisfaction that comes from amassing A so you can invest in B, so you can trade for C, so you can build a D, which in turn pumps out more A. To outsiders, this churn of wood, brick, sheep, ore, and wheat always makes Eurogames seem overly complicated. (In Friedemann Friese’s masterpiece Power Grid, there is even a step called the “bureaucracy” phase.) But in practice, all the busywork keeps p...
january 2018
Gamasutra: A Adonaac's Blog - Procedural Dungeon Generation Algorithm
Use physics forces to push rooms apart, then subset of delaunay graph to decide on connectivity
procedural  gamedev 
january 2018
Ultima Online’s influence – Raph's Website
So many amazing things happened in Ultima Online. The Smalltalk of MMOs
january 2018
WebGL issues
List of things that makes WebGL slower than OpenGL
january 2018
Reality has a surprising amount of detail
Good essay about how the details aren't always apparent
january 2018
Map to Globe
Draw a 2d map and it will project onto a globe
january 2018
GitHub - vvanders/wasm_lua: Lua VM running in a WASM environment
~400k to run lua inside the browser, via emscripten+wasm
january 2018
Quantic Foundry - The Science of Gamer Motivation
300,000 gamers --> motivation model: Action, Social, Mastery, Achievement, Immersion, Creativity
january 2018
Pleistocene Park - The Atlantic
"In Arctic Siberia, Russian scientists are trying to stave off catastrophic climate change—by resurrecting an Ice Age biome complete with lab-grown woolly mammoths."
environment  engineering 
january 2018
Why Raspberry Pi isn't vulnerable to Spectre or Meltdown - Raspberry Pi
Great explanation of speculative execution, out of order execution, etc
technology  compilers 
january 2018
The Genetics of Alcohol Metabolism: Role of Alcohol Dehydrogenase and Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Variants
Different people have different types of alcohol metabolism that can affect alcoholism and weight gain/loss
january 2018
Best blue blockers in style and light filter specs | GLARminY
Spectrum diagrams for various eyeglass coatings that block or reflect blue light
january 2018
Peppers Cone hack
iPad + plastic cone + nickel --> 3d imagery
cool  hacks  3d  photography 
january 2018
Radiator Blog: Lol we're all poor
Most game developers will be like most sculptors, novelists, singers, painters, etc. in that they're not going to make enough money to pay the bills.
december 2017
Retirement Project
Tom O'Haver's "retirement project" is his website — maybe I should be thinking about it that way too
wisdom  writing 
december 2017
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