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ryannorth: In case you’ve missed the news, drunk...
ryannorth: “ In case you’ve missed the news, drunk driver, homophobe, and Toronto’s current mayor Rob Ford’s history of being an embarrassment (yes there are so many incidents that the public is now...
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june 2013 by amerberg
What environmental groups don’t understand about biotech
Eyeing food, nutrition, and medicine through the lens of evidence and evolution. (by David Despain)
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may 2013 by amerberg
GM lobby still trying to force increasingly discredited Frankenstein Food down our throats | Mail Online
@r343l @geneticmaize The author is an established crank. She also wrote a defense of Take the Flour Back
gmo  agriculture  rothamsted  #dontdestroyresearch  activism  science  wheat 
june 2012 by amerberg
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