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Linux Tutorial
Learn the Linux/ Unix command line (Bash) with our 13 part beginners tutorial. Clear descriptions, command outlines, examples, shortcuts and best practice.
linux  shell  tutorial  reference 
june 2016 by amerberg
awesome-tensorflow - TensorFlow - A curated list of dedicated resources
ml  tensorflow  reference 
may 2016 by amerberg
Lectures on measure and integration
> The origin of these lecture notes lies in the turmoil on the UC Berkeley campus in the late 1960's, when there were periods of time when students indicated that as a protest they did not want to come to class (and if they did try to come to class there was a significant probability that they would encounter tear-gas or worse), but they indicated that they wanted to continue their studies and so requested that written notes of the lectures they missed (if held at all) be made available to them.
math  reference 
january 2015 by amerberg
Quantum Ito's formula and stochastic evolutions
Project Euclid - mathematics and statistics online
math  reference  papers 
november 2014 by amerberg
OAuth 2 Simplified
Many services such as Facebook, Github, and Google have already deployed OAuth 2 servers, and deployed implementations win.
oauth  programming  reference  tutorial 
november 2014 by amerberg
Detexify LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition
An approach to simplify finding LaTeX symbols.
latex  math  reference 
february 2014 by amerberg
Heine–Borel theorem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ha, this is me with the Heine-Borel theorem (theorem here if you're curious: )
math  reference  from twitter_favs
january 2014 by amerberg
- Code documentation written as code! How novel and totally my idea!
r  code  statistics  programming  reference  tutorial 
january 2014 by amerberg
Condé Nast Traveler
Tipping rules vary by country, by region, and by scenario. So you just had a five-star meal in Qatar. Or went scuba diving in beautiful Bohol in the Philippines. Well, lucky you! But how do you express your appreciation for the service you received?
etiquette  travel  reference  money 
november 2013 by amerberg
State Worker Salary Search
- Stories from The Sacramento Bee, a newspaper and Web site covering Northern California
california  data  reference  money 
august 2013 by amerberg
imgur: the simple image sharer
Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet.
python  code  reference 
august 2013 by amerberg
Regular Expression Tester
Write and test regular expressions using the JavaScript RegEx or PHP regex engine, including a quick reference over the regular expression language.
august 2013 by amerberg
Pluot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
my favorite: "organic pluot" … has more genetic modification than any
organic  science  agriculture  reference  from twitter_favs
august 2013 by amerberg
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