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Biological Warfare
The last thing anybody wants is more mosquitoes. The whining little bloodsuckers can spread viruses like dengue, West Nile, yellow fever, and chikungunya. We spray mosquitoes with pesticides, drain their swampy homes, and poison their young. We slather ourselves in foul-smelling repellants, sleep beneath gauzy nets, and even prime our...
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august 2015 by amerberg
Science Sushi
Oxitec has applied for FDA approval to test their revolutionary mosquito control method in the Florida Keys—but GM fear-mongering dominates the conversation
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january 2015 by amerberg
Asian Citrus Psyllid Detected in San Jose
RT @CA_Pesticides: Via .@SCCgov #AsianCitrusPsyllid found in #SanJose, 1st detection of insect in Santa Clara Co.
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october 2014 by amerberg
Florida growers pull money from orange juice ads to pay for research to citrus trees from a deadly bacteria
A bacteria carried by a tiny insect from China could dry up orange juice in the United States and the world.
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january 2014 by amerberg
Genetically modified mosquitoes set off uproar in Florida Keys
Potential solution to outbreaks of dengue fever, other mosquito-borne diseases awaits FDA approval
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november 2013 by amerberg
Citrus growers import wasp to fight disease threatening groves
California citrus farmers import a parasitic wasp from Pakistan to battle citrus greening, a disease threatening their groves.
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august 2013 by amerberg

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