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Why bullshit is no laughing matter
We live in the age of information, which means that we also live in the age of misinformation. Indeed, you have likely come across more bullshit so far this week than a normal person living 1,000 years ago would in their entire lifetime. If we wer...
science  information  discourse 
january 2016 by amerberg
Nature makes all articles free to view
Publisher permits subscribers and media to share read-only versions of its papers.
information  science  technology  journalism 
december 2014 by amerberg
You’re not allowed bioinformatics anymore
"Ah welcome! Come in, come in!” said the institute director as Professor Smith appeared for their scheduled 2pm meeting. “I want to talk to you about your latest proposal”, the director continued. “Oh?” replied Smith. “Yes. Now, let’s see. It’s an amazing, visionary proposal, a great collaboration, and congratulations on pulling it together. I just…
biology  information  science 
august 2014 by amerberg
The Wadsworth Constant
is an axiom which states that the first 30% of any video can be skipped because it contains no worthwhile or interesting information.
humor  video  internet  information 
may 2014 by amerberg
Vox is our next
Early last year, Melissa Bell, Matt Yglesias and I began wrestling with a question that had bugged all of us for a long time: why hadn't the Internet made the news better at delivering crucial...
information  media  journalism  internet 
january 2014 by amerberg
UC Berkeley information security office works to stay ahead of hackers
The UC Berkeley’s Information Security and Policy Office is undergoing a three year overhaul to strengthen UC Berkeley’s online security.
Berkeley  information  technology  security 
october 2013 by amerberg
False Equivalence That Leans on Public Opinion Is Still False Equivalence
Polls are fun and can be important. But when journalists think the public is wrong, they have an obligation to say so.
economics  journalism  information  polls 
october 2013 by amerberg
Google 'Pressure Cookers' and 'Backpacks,' Get a Visit from the Cops
Michele was Googling pressure cookers. Her husband was looking at backpacks. So six men from a joint terrorism task force showed up at their house. How'd the government know what they were Googling?
government  explosions  google  information  privacy 
august 2013 by amerberg
An Open Letter to All Science Bloggers, Tweeps and Facebookers
Dr. Yoni Freedhoff"s obesity medicine take on health, weight loss and life in general
science  internet  information  reading 
may 2013 by amerberg
Your Ivory Tower is Showing - Fancy Beans
RT @r343l: It doesn’t matter that the public is being misinformed? Really?! (new post)
academia  information  accuracy  facts  pesticides  science  agriculture  politics  media  journalism 
february 2013 by amerberg
"Misinformation and Its Correction" Finally read this; highly recommended. HT
information  corrections  reference  facts  from twitter
january 2013 by amerberg
Invasion of the cyber hustlers
RT @stevenpoole: Now online: my New Statesman essay on cybertheorists.
internet  science  media  journalism  information 
december 2012 by amerberg
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