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B6 Magnetic Clip |
Magnetic clip to allow fitting of lapel mics to non-lapels.
av  audio  events 
july 2018 by amcewen
Event Sourcing made Simple – Kickstarter Engineering
Interesting approach to make events the basis of state on a web app.
ruby  rails  webdev  events 
may 2018 by amcewen
History Tables
Useful overview of how to track the history of events in a system.
events  history  webdev 
august 2017 by amcewen
Liverpool SciBar | It's Science in a Bar
Interesting-looking group giving talks on science once-a-month in Liverpool. Will have to get along to one some time (which also reminds me I still haven't made it to the Cafe Scientifique either...)
liverpool  events  science 
december 2010 by amcewen
Home (Liverpool Cafe Scientifique)
Interesting-sounding gatherings just down the road in Liverpool. Haven't made it along to one yet, but I'm sure I will sometime soon.
liverpool  science  technology  events 
april 2010 by amcewen
BarCamp wiki / BarCampManchesterUk
Manchester gets a barcamp. It's happening in March, which is long before I'll be in the area. Still, I'm sure it'll be worth attending
barcamp  conference  events  north_west 
january 2008 by amcewen
BarCamp / BarCamb
Not much activity yet, but there are moves afoot to hold a BarCamp event in Cambridge in August. Shame I'll be in Italy by then.
barcamp  events  cambridge 
june 2007 by amcewen
Architecture Week 2006 | June 16 - June 25 Organised and Managed by Arts Council England | Find Events
Architecture week soon, and there are some interesting events in Cambridge (some good ones in the North-West too). If I make it to any I'll no doubt write things up here.
cambridge  architecture  events 
june 2006 by amcewen
Podbop - we podcast bands coming to your town
Now that I've got RSS feeds for most of the venues in town, I need something like this to help me decide what to see. It'd save me having to poke around on Google and MySpace to try to find out what the lesser known bands sound like before I decide wheth
mp3  music  events  podcast 
february 2006 by amcewen
Open Tech 2005 - 23rd July in Hammersmith, London.
Audio and video recordings from the recent Open Tech conference
events  presentation  opentech2005  mp3  audio  video 
august 2005 by amcewen

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