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The Secret to a Good Robot Teacher - The New York Times
The importance of social cues to learning with technology.
research  remc  social  online  onlinelearning 
october 2017 by amann
The Possibilities of Online Learning - Room for Debate -
NY Times article about online learning by Gary Stager. Gary poses some interesting ideas - worth discussing
onlinelearning  nytimes  garystager 
july 2016 by amann
Articulate Storyline 2 - Online Training Software
Commercial product (over $1,000 per license) for creating online content. Edupaths is using this product.
edupaths  onlinelearning  rits  blended  moodle  interative 
june 2016 by amann
MVU's Virtual Learning Effectiveness Report 2014 - 15
40+ page .pdf copiled by Dr. Joe Freidhoff from MVU - highlighting what we've learned from online learners. The conclusion could be more comprehensive.
mvu  onlinelearning  virtuallearning 
april 2016 by amann
Online Learning
Calhoun ISD's web page with resources related to 21f
21f  cisd  oaisd  onlinelearning 
september 2014 by amann
K-12 Online and Blended Learning Clearinghouse
Online research clearinghouse created by MIVU's research team. Great for finding documents related to online resources
onlinelearning  mvu  moodle  research 
november 2013 by amann
Rebirth of the Teaching Machine
Interesting blog post shared by Ron Houtman
moodle  onlinelearning  blog  houtman 
may 2013 by amann
Online Courses Directory
Online courses for free from higher ed.
university  free  moodle  onlinelearning 
march 2013 by amann
Elite education for the masses - The Washington Post
Blog post about online learning courses from colleges for free.
free  onlinelearning  coursera 
november 2012 by amann
Keeping Pace with online learning
A collection of resources about online learning trends. Excellent report in .pdf
inacol  onlinelearning  moodle  statistics  trends  policies 
december 2011 by amann
eduMOOC: Online Learning Today... and Tomorrow
An online conference with some fantastic presenters. Centered on Online learning.
moodle  onlinelearning  onlineconference 
july 2011 by amann
e-Learning/Online learning
Collection of online learning resources. Nicely done - from Calvin College
onlinelearning  moodle  inacol  calvin 
june 2011 by amann
Virtual classrooms: Online education is changing school hours, buildings, interactions |
Nice article about the future of online learning. Quotes Jamey Fitzpatrick and provides some useful stats.
onlinelearning  moodle  mlive  mvu  gvsu 
january 2011 by amann
Free Online School from Home: Connections Academy
A full-time, online, home-based public school program for K-12 with personalized plans, one-on-one attention from certified teachers. Using leading edge technoloogy tools. They had an information session in Traverse City, summer 2010.
elearning  moodle  charter  homeschool  onlinelearning 
september 2010 by amann
Mercury Online Academy
Online learning of the future is here now.
onlinelearning  hybrid  future  mde 
april 2010 by amann
Michigan Learns Online
Michigan's online portal for online teaching resources.
remc  portal  onlinelearning 
february 2010 by amann
K-12 Online Education | Bibliography by Topic
Annotated bibliography about the skills students need to be good online learners.
onlinelearning  elearning  blackboard  moodle 
november 2009 by amann
E-Learning Resources at Gray
Amazing collection of online learning resources. Nicely organized.
onlinelearning  rits  elearning  online  mionlinegrant 
october 2009 by amann
Designing Online Courses
Principles of effectively designing online courses.
cep822  design  online  onlinelearning 
june 2009 by amann
Guttenberg vs. the CRT
An annotation of a research article comparing medical student learning from reading online vs. reading printed copies.
cep822  online  onlinelearning  Research 
june 2009 by amann
COL - Online Course Design
Best practices for online course design. A wealth of valuable information.
cep822  online  onlinelearning  Research 
june 2009 by amann
137 page .pdf comparing state by state what is being done related to supporting online learning. Very comprehensive and well done.
inacol  k12  onlinelearning  filetype:pdf  media:document 
june 2009 by amann
96 page .pdf summarizing research on the effectiveness of online instruction. Good summary of an online algebra course.
cep822  onlinelearning  Research  filetype:pdf  media:document 
june 2009 by amann
Learning About Online Learning Blog
Blog about online learning. Explore the blogs and projects he's following
blackboard  onlinelearning  blogs  moodle  sakai  opensource 
may 2009 by amann
HP Online classes
Free HP created, instructor led classes. Includes PhotoShop Elements, Windows XP, Word, Home Networking, Building your own Website, genealogy.
onlinelearning  Photoshop  tutorials  word 
march 2009 by amann
Companion document explains the online learning experience requirements for students to have before they graduate. Must be completed for students graduating in 2011 and beyond.
cep815  graduationrequirements  onlinelearning  standards  unit4  weeklyreader  filetype:pdf  media:document 
march 2009 by amann

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