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Site from ISTE 19 workshop on Game and Game Design. Cool!
game  gamedesign  iste19 
march 2019 by amann
Online Courses | Full Sail Labs
Learn game design and youtube basics online
gamedesign  game  florida  youtube 
december 2017 by amann
Scalable Game Design wiki
Game design for K-12. These folks from the University of Colorado, teach teachers how to teach game design and coding. Looks very interesting.
game  gamedesign  gamification 
may 2016 by amann
Online Code And Video Game Design Courses For Kids And Teens | Tech Rocket
Freemium site where students can take six courses for no cost - then it's $20 - $30 a month. Many programming apps including Java, Minecraft...
game  gamedesign  gaming  coding  minecraft  java 
may 2016 by amann
Unity 3D Programing & Gaming - Education Version
Unity 3D game design platform with educational licensing/grants and tutorials
gaming  programming  gamedesign 
april 2015 by amann
Gamestar Mechanic
Teach students programming and game design; tutorials & curriculum
programming  gamedesign  gaming  games 
april 2015 by amann
Game design platform. Costs $10; 7 day free trial
programming  game  gaming  gamedesign 
april 2015 by amann

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