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Session at ISTE on gamifying your curriculum
game  iste19  gaming  gamification 
8 weeks ago by amann
Gamify Your Classroom | Smore Newsletters
An assortment of apps to gamify a classroom
game  kahoot  clicker  flippity 
may 2019 by amann
Smartstocks - manage a pretend portfilio
One stock market buying and selling game where students can invest in stocks using "fake" money.
stocks  stockmarket  game  economics 
april 2019 by amann
Site from ISTE 19 workshop on Game and Game Design. Cool!
game  gamedesign  iste19 
march 2019 by amann
Online buzzer - create a room and plays can join; once a user buzzes in - no others can buzz in for 5 seconds or until the user "clears" the screen.
game  buzzer  free  mattmiller 
january 2018 by amann
Online Courses | Full Sail Labs
Learn game design and youtube basics online
gamedesign  game  florida  youtube 
december 2017 by amann
Online Games For Kids - Funbrain
Free interactive game site - math and reading
math  game  fun  interactive 
april 2017 by amann
GooseChase - YouTube
Nice YouTube video about using the website/app Goosechase. App runs on iOS or Android devices. Freemium educator accounts
goosechase  scavengerhunt  game 
may 2016 by amann
Scalable Game Design wiki
Game design for K-12. These folks from the University of Colorado, teach teachers how to teach game design and coding. Looks very interesting.
game  gamedesign  gamification 
may 2016 by amann
Welcome to the Land of Scientia-Terra! - Home
Mr. Hebert's middle school science site - taught using a game format.
game  gamification  science 
may 2016 by amann
GooseChase - Scavenger hunts for the masses
Group Scavenger Hunt game - they offer educators free accounts.
game  gamification  scavengerhunt  games  fun 
may 2016 by amann
Online Code And Video Game Design Courses For Kids And Teens | Tech Rocket
Freemium site where students can take six courses for no cost - then it's $20 - $30 a month. Many programming apps including Java, Minecraft...
game  gamedesign  gaming  coding  minecraft  java 
may 2016 by amann
GradeCraft - Gamification platform
Gamification curriculum platform for K-12 being developed by U of M professors.
game  gamification  games 
may 2016 by amann
Virtual Stock Exchange -
Online virtual stock market game. Learn about the stock market without spending any real $. The learning center has some great teacher guides and curriculum integration material.
stockmarket  education  games  game  economics 
april 2016 by amann
KerbalEdu - Space Mission Game
Space game - students problem solve rocket missions, launch payloads, $$
space  game  gaming  physics  STEM  rockets  commercial 
february 2016 by amann
Math Game with management
Managed math curriculum using a game format, freemium model
freemium  math  game  gaming 
february 2016 by amann
Teacher Camps | Rezzly Gamification
Learn how to gamify a curriculum in these teacher camps. Learn by playing. $80 for 90 days
game  gaming  gamification  camps  tutorials  camp 
february 2016 by amann
Classcraft – Make learning an adventure
Gaming platform where students take on a role and move ahead by overcoming learning challenges using your content
game  gaming  freemium  roleplaying 
february 2016 by amann
Prodigy Math Game
Online math game with free and premium content.
math  game  gaming  freemium 
february 2016 by amann
Breakout EDU
Breakout kit - game where students solve problems to unlock box
breakout  kit  problemsolving  game  gaming 
february 2016 by amann
Hour of code programming game example - which can be controlled by a MaKey MaKey device.
code  programming  game  makeymakey 
february 2016 by amann
Hour of Code programming game which can be shared; Starwars theme
code  game  programming 
february 2016 by amann
Galxyz, an adventure with science curriculum for students
An adventure with science curriculum for students - looks like fun; want to explore; great graphics
science  game  games  gaming  interactive  fun  chromebooks 
january 2016 by amann
How Gamification Works | Rezzly
Good info on the power of games and gamification. Commercial product
gamification  game  gaming 
january 2016 by amann
Google Feud
A game where you are provide a search and you have to guess the top 10 answers from Google. This is more for adults as the answers can be inappropriate for use in schools.
google  game  search  jerryjohnson 
december 2015 by amann
Nude-E-Calls Game - That's Not Cool
sexting game from That's Not Cool site - worth a look
sexting  game 
october 2015 by amann
Game for learning.
game  rits 
september 2015 by amann
A Google a Day - Search Game
Google search game; new question each day, test your search skills
google  game  search 
july 2015 by amann
Game design platform. Costs $10; 7 day free trial
programming  game  gaming  gamedesign 
april 2015 by amann
Create games, templates,
game  gaming  programming 
january 2015 by amann
Applying Gamification Principles to Online Faculty Professional Devel…
Slideshare by Michael Wilder about gamification. Andrew Steinmann shared that he was "Wowed" by this presenter at the conference he attended.
game  gamification  gamifying  badges 
january 2015 by amann
Mission US - an interactive way to learn history
An interactive site for learning about the revolutionary war.
history  socialstudies  revolutionarywar  chromebook  game 
october 2011 by amann
CatchFlash - Download flash content
A web based tool which looks at webpages and finds the flash files and allows them to be downloaded and used off line
flash  game  utilties  adobeconnect  rits  21things 
june 2011 by amann
FBI Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge
Collection of games identified by grade level 3 - 8.
cyberbullying  game  internetsafety  21things 
may 2011 by amann
That Quiz - Math Test Activities
Online quiz site. Mostly math, but a few other content area too. I think it works with iPads...
math  quiz  interactive  game  practice  ber  geography  ipad 
november 2010 by amann
Eco Agents - European Environmental Agency
Game to teach about the environment from the European Environmental Agency
education  environment  europe  game  globalwarming 
april 2009 by amann
EconEdLink - Interactive
Multi-stage game demonstrates the value of attending college and potential lifetime earnings. From the Council for Economics Education and linked to from
economics  game  thinkfinity 
march 2009 by amann
Word Game Boards
Design your own game boards in PowerPoint or download & print a variety of boards made by teachers
game  macul09  marilynwestern  templates 
march 2009 by amann

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