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Gimkit - assessment game
Assessment game which is like Kahoot but adds the aspect of gambling (good or bad). Freemium priced
assessment  kahoot  clickers  kathyvantil 
november 2018 by amann
Actively Learn
Emily Sicilia shared this site on a site which supports reading comprehension - a body of text is shared and then questions are posed regarding the content.
myblend  iste16  assessment  clickers  reading  comprehension  ela 
july 2016 by amann
Mentimeter - Audience Response
Free tool to gather input from students - Mitch likes to use it for a likert scale - so he can gage audience skills prior to a presentation.
iste19  audienceresponse  ber  wordcloud  mitchfowler  clickers  assessment  responsesystem  rits 
may 2016 by amann
Annotate | Mobile Interactive Whiteboard, Student Response System
Whiteboard site with education pricing, includes an assessment componet
ipad  apps  mirroring  assessment  clickers  whiteboard 
october 2015 by amann
10 Alternatives to InfuseLearning for Assessments | Jonathan Wylie: Instructional Technology Consultant
Excellent blog post about assessment sites/apps - including a few new ones I want to explore
assessment  clickers  apps  ipad 
may 2015 by amann
Web based student response system. Allows students to log in using their Google account. You must first create student accounts (or link their names to their Google account.) Good collection of reports and data. Many questions about "how do you feel about" type questions.
clickers  responsesystem  toddchappa 
april 2014 by amann
Naiku | Balanced Assessment to stay ahead of the learning curve
Naiku provides instant standards-based insight. Students use any web enabled device. Catch misconceptions during class before they become problems.
clickers  assessment  cellphone  ipad 
february 2013 by amann
Socrative Teacher
Create a clicker like account and give students the URL and room #
clickers  ipads 
october 2011 by amann
Socrative Response System - for smartphones and laptops
Interactive response system. Can use on the fly or with questions created using an easy to use Excel template. Very cool product. Will it work with iOS?
free  ipad  cellphone  clickers  interactive  polls  quiz  Interactives 
july 2011 by amann
Audience Response System Comparison | Poll Everywhere
Comparison of response systems. Created from Poll Everywhere and it shows that their system is the best (surprise!)
clickers  comparions  CPS  review 
january 2009 by amann

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