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astolat: Reveille
INSTANT REC!!! This was the story that got me into reading SG-1 more seriously. I loved the character voices, the sex, the emotions felt real and I loved the concept.
recs-StargateSG-1  recs-instant!rec  Trope:Telepathy  Trope:First-Time  Jack/Daniel 
april 2008 by amalthia
astolat: Objectives
This is one of the stories that got me into SG-1 fandom. I loved the character voices, dialogue, the sex was hot and it was a lot of fun to read.
recs-StargateSG-1  Jack/Daniel  Trope:First-Time  Trope:amtdi  Genre:Humor 
april 2008 by amalthia
paian: not us (1/2)
He kept sucking and stroking after Jack was milked dry. Jack stayed sensitive and aroused for a while after orgasm, and Daniel had learned to tend that, cater to it. Sometimes his fingers and his tongue were enough, and he'd ease Jack gently, erotically o
Jack/Daniel  recs-StargateSG-1  Trope:Clones 
june 2007 by amalthia

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