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pekuxumi: Lifelines
I loved the character voices, the story was hard to read and I cried more than once. Deals with a character diagnosed with cancer.
recs-DCU  recs-Batman  f4  Length:100k-200k  PairingType:General 
january 2018 by amalthia
BlackFriar - The Volatile Verse
INSTANT REC!!! I loved Jason's pov, character voices, and plot. I liked that it's not easy for Jason to control his urge to kill bad people, and that he struggles with the trauma of his own death. I loved Jason being a big brother to Dick.
recs-DCU  recs-YoungJustice  recs-instant!rec  f4  Length:100k-200k  Warning:Rape-Recovery  Warning:AttemptedRape  Warning:Torture 
january 2018 by amalthia
Zoeleo - The Many Deaths of Jason Todd
INSTANT REC!!! The character voices felt spot on, I loved the plot, I couldn't stop reading once I started, and I laughed out loud a few times.
recs-DCU  recs-instant!rec  Length:100k-200k  Pairing:JasonTodd/TimDrake  f4  Warning:Torture 
january 2018 by amalthia
Lysical - Retrograde Motion
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the concept, character voices, plot, and seeing how the bat family reacted to Jason returned to them as a little kid. I laughed out loud once or twice, and almost cried a few times. This felt real.
recs-DCU  recs-instant!rec  Length:100k-200k  PairingType:General  f4  Trope:Kidfic  Trope:Magic 
january 2018 by amalthia
chibi_nightowl: Casebook of Detective Timothy Drake
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the character voices, plot, the way the relationship develops between Tim and Jason. It's also one of the rare stories that has a mystery to solve. I enjoyed the cases Tim worked on and how he stayed connected to his family.
recs-DCU  recs-instant!rec  f4  Length:100k-200k  Pairing:JasonTodd/TimDrake 
december 2017 by amalthia
lowflyingfruit - Second Generation
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the character voices, plot, and seeing how Dick adjusted to his change in circumstances. I couldn't stop reading once I started.
recs-DCU  recs-instant!rec  Length:100k-200k  f4  Warning:Rape-Recovery  Trope:Kidfic  PairingType:General 
december 2017 by amalthia
heartslogos - Asphodel
INSTANT REC!!!! I couldn't put this one down. I loved the concept, character voices, imagery, and I cried more than once.
recs-DCU  f4  Length:100k-200k  recs-instant!rec  Pairing:JasonTodd/TimDrake  Warning:Death  Trope:Powers 
december 2017 by amalthia
fishfingersandjellybabies - Ghosts That We Knew
I liked the concept, character voices, and see how the bat family dealt with the loss of their youngest Robin.
recs-DCU  f4  Length:100k-200k  PairingType:General  Warning:Death 
december 2017 by amalthia
GoAwayOlivia - Jason Todd: The Not-So-Outlaw
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the character voices, plot, and seeing how Jason returned to Gotham and made a life for himself. Every success felt earned, and I was on the edge of my seat more than once. I couldn't stop reading once I started and this is the story that sucked me back into DCU fandom.
recs-DCU  recs-instant!rec  Length:100k-200k  f5  PairingType:General 
november 2017 by amalthia
Beathas - Bringing My Brother Home
I loved the character voices, the plot and I couldn't stop reading once I started. I liked the family feels in the story and seeing how Tim adjusted to all the new changes and dealing with his parents expectations.
recs-DCU  Length:100k-200k  recs-instant!rec  PairingType:General  Warning:Child-Abuse  f4 
november 2017 by amalthia
purple01_prose - Aegis
I loved seeing how Stephanie Brown fit in another universe as kid Loki's bodyguard/babysitter.
recs-DCU  recs-Marvel  recs-Thor  Trope:Crossover  f4  Length:100k-200k 
june 2013 by amalthia
Te and Mary: The Angels You Need
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the premise. Jason and Tim broke my heart more than once and I've cried every time I've re-read this story. I sort of wish in the comics we got to see more of this Jason.
recs-DCU  author-Te  f5  Length:100k-200k  pairing:Bruce/Jason  pairing:Tim/Jason  pairing:Jason/Stephanie  Pairing:Tim/Kon 
december 2011 by amalthia
snake_easing: All the Stars Look Down
INSTANT REC!!! I absolutely adored Tim in this story and how single minded he is in achieving his goals. I also loved the alternate take on Batman.
recs-DCU  Pairing:Dick/Tim  f4  Length:100k-200k  recs-instant!rec  Warning:Child-Abuse 
june 2011 by amalthia
herostratic: Not Fake Baby Verse
INSTANT REC!!! I don't think I had this much fun reading a story in a long time. I loved the concept, the characters were hilarious, and I could not stop reading once I started.
f4  recs-DCU  Pairing:Clark/Lex  Length:100k-200k  Genre:Humor 
june 2011 by amalthia
mithen: Music of the Spheres
I think this is one of the longer stories in the DCU fandom and I absolutely love Batman/Superman crossovers. I couldn't stop reading this story once I started.
Pairing:Bruce/Clark  Length:100k-200k  f4  recs-DCU 
april 2011 by amalthia
iesika: Close To Home
INSTANT REC!!! I loved Kon's voice, the plot, the OC were interesting and I loved the universe. This also had a good murder mystery and I was left guessing through most of the fic. wonderful storytelling. :)
Pairing:Tim/Kon  recs-DCU  f4  recs-instant!rec  Trope:First-Time  Length:100k-200k 
march 2010 by amalthia

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