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RedHead - An All Too Jagged Snowflake
I had a good time reading this story. I loved the plot, character voices, and the sex scenes were hot.
recs-DCU  recs-TheFlash  f4  Length:200k-300k  Pairing:BarryAllen/LeonardSnart  Trope:SoulMate 
december 2016 by amalthia
pissedoffeskimo - Sticks and Stones
INSTANT REC!!! This story hit all my buttons. I loved the concept, the character voices, and I could not stop reading once I started.
recs-DCU  recs-TheFlash  f4  recs-instant!rec  Pairing:BarryAllen/CiscoRamon  Pairing:BarryAllen/EobardThawne  Warning:Rape-Recovery  Warning:Torture  Warning:Child-Abuse 
april 2016 by amalthia

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