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MarbleGlove: A Square Peg in a Round Hole
I had a blast reading this story. I loved the concept, character voices, and plot. :)
Trope:Crossover  PairingType:General  recs-StargateSG-1  recs-Highlander  Length:20k-50k 
june 2008 by amalthia
hlh_shortcuts: Then I Crashed Into You
Amanda pairing, and loved the Richie appearance, but my favorite part is the idea of Ellen as Dean's watcher, and Ellen/Joe is even more made of awesome than Dean/Amanda. That just delighted me no end. I wish like anything I could hear what Dean said when
PairingType:Het  Trope:Crossover  recs-Supernatural  recs-Highlander 
december 2007 by amalthia

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