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lovesrain44 - A Wolf and His Boy - Teen Wolf
INSTANT REC!!!! I loved how real this story felt and the part where Stiles is still unclaimed and how Stile's has to deal with being in danger from other werewolves. I could not stop reading once I started and I loved how Derek did his best to help Stiles.
recs-TeenWolf  recs-instant!rec  Warning:Rape  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  f4  Length:20k-50k  author-lovesrain44 
february 2013 by amalthia
lovesrain44: The Things We Carry With Us
I loved the imagery and the way the story unfolded. If you love food this is also the story for you. :) So try not to read on an empty stomach.
author-lovesrain44  recs-Supernatural  f4  Length:20k-50k  Trope:First-Time  Challenges:SPN-BigBang-2010 
august 2010 by amalthia
lovesrain44: Fairy Lights
I had a blast reading this story. I loved the setting, imagery, character voices, and this worked for me. wonderful storytelling.
author-lovesrain44  recs-Supernatural  Length:20k-50k  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
may 2008 by amalthia

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