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gyzym - Crash Landers
I loved all the notes and the slow build relationship. :)
recs-TeenWolf  f4  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author-gyzym  Length:20k-50k 
october 2012 by amalthia
gyzym:ready, fire, aim
INSTANT REC!!! I had a lot of fun reading this story. I loved how the story started and all the moments that lead up to the ending. The character voices were spot on the story was incredibly entertaining. :)
recs-Avengers  f4  Length:20k-50k  author-gyzym  Trope:First-Time  recs-instant!rec  recs-Marvel  Pairing:TonyStark/SteveRogers  from delicious
october 2011 by amalthia

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