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samvelg - Compromising
I loved Admiral Piett's character voice and seeing his pov of Vader and Luke's interactions. I had a great time reading this story.
recs-StarWars  f4  Length:10k-20k  PairingType:General  Genre:Humor 
may 2018 by amalthia
izzythehutt - In Loco Pirates-Verse
I had a great time reading this series, though part is incomplete. I loved the character voices, the action, the plot, and I couldn't stop reading once I started. It was interesting seeing how Vader and Luke interacted.

SUMMARY: A down-on-his-luck Hondo Ohnaka manages to capture the unicorn of all bounties--Luke Skywalker, which sends Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith, on a painfully familiar trip to the planet Florrum to collect his prize. The failed negotiations leave Vader in the awkward position of being stuck in a besieged pirate bunker, trying to balance keeping his wayward child safe (and in his custody) with controlling the tongue of a loose-lipped pirate who--to the surprise of no one--has a bad habit of telling 'amusing' anecdotes from the Clone Wars.
recs-StarWars  f4  Length:50k-100k  PairingType:General  Genre:Action  Genre:Humor 
may 2018 by amalthia
nasa - how to train your superhuman quasi-son
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the character voices, it was funny, heart warming, and I loved seeing Tony and Peter helping each other. I couldn't stop reading once I started.
recs-Marvel  recs-Spiderman  f4  Length:10k-20k  PairingType:General  recs-instant!rec  Genre:Humor 
march 2018 by amalthia
grilledcheesing - 5 Times Peter Made Tony Laugh Out Loud
INSTANT REC!!! I laughed out loud more than once. The story had good situational humor, the dialogue was funny, and I loved Tony's attempts to help and protect Peter.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  Length:10k-20k  f4  recs-instant!rec  Genre:Humor  PairingType:General 
february 2018 by amalthia
MsBrooklyn - Assembly Line (or Why It's a Lot Harder than Steve Thought to Recruit New Members)
INSTANT REC!!! Stop everything and go read this story! I loved the characters, the action, the humor, and I liked that each part of the series can stand alone, loved the situations everyone finds themselves in. I don't know how I went 3 years not knowing this series existed?
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  recs-YoungAvengers  recs-Spiderman  recs-instant!rec  f5  Genre:Humor  Length:400k-600k  PairingType:General 
february 2018 by amalthia
Unpretty - Anti-Social - Batman
I had fun reading this story, it was funny, I loved the character voices, and I laughed out loud a few times.
recs-DCU  Length:10k-20k  f4  PairingType:General  Genre:Humor 
december 2017 by amalthia
Mikimoo - And Who By Fire
INSTANT REC!!! This story was funnier than it had any right to be. I went in expecting a tearjerker and ended up laughing at all the shit these guys got up to. Loved the character voices, plot, and seeing how Jason and Dick adjusted to their changed circumstances.
recs-DCU  recs-instant!rec  Length:50k-100k  f4  Pairing:DickGrayson/JasonTodd  Genre:Humor 
november 2017 by amalthia
Nokomis - this has been a public service announcement
INSTANT REC!!! I haven't laughed this hard reading a story in ages, I loved the plot, the humor, character voices, and I had a good time. I couldn't stop reading once I started.
recs-Marvel  recs-Spiderman  f5  Length:10k-20k  Genre:Humor  PairingType:General  recs-instant!rec 
november 2017 by amalthia
BajaB: Harry the Hufflepuff
INSTANT REC!!! I had so much fun reading this story. I loved the concept, I laughed out loud more than once, it was pure crack in the best way.
recs-HarryPotter  recs-instant!rec  PairingType:General  Length:20k-50k  f4  Genre:Humor  Trope:Hufflepuff!Harry 
august 2016 by amalthia
Sarah1281: When In Doubt, Obliviate
Summary: When a chance meeting reveals Harry's planned fate to Lockhart, he knows what he has to do: rescue him and raise him as his own to properly manage his celebrity status. Harry gets a magical upbringing, Lockhart gets the Boy-Who-Lived...everybody wins!

Review: This was much funnier than I expected. I loved the premise and I had a great time reading.
recs-HarryPotter  PairingType:General  Genre:Humor  f4  Length:100k-200k  Trope:Slytherin!Harry 
july 2016 by amalthia
Mamalazzer - A Modern Manservant
This story was ridiculous and funny! I loved the banter between Merlin and Arthur, the concept, and characters. I think the author described it as "A modern magical comedy very loosely based on Ugly Betty."
recs-Merlin  f4  Length:100k-200k  Pairing:Merlin/Arthur  Trope:Magic  Genre:Humor 
january 2016 by amalthia
DevilDoll - Love among the Hydrothermal Vents
I had a blast reading this story. The story was much funnier than I anticipated.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  Length:20k-50k  Pairing:TonyStark/SteveRogers  Genre:Humor 
march 2015 by amalthia
lupinus, uraneia - The Second Coming (of Werewolf Jesus)
This was a rather entertaining MPREG story. I loved the plot, character voices, and I laughed more than once.
recs-TeenWolf  f4  Length:20k-50k  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Trope:MPREG  Genre:Humor 
october 2013 by amalthia
kalpurna - Don't Worry Baby
INSTANT REC!!! I had a lot of fun reading this story. It was much funnier than I anticipated and the right parts were sad.
recs-TeenWolf  f4  Length:20k-50k  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Trope:Prostitution  Genre:Humor  recs-instant!rec 
january 2013 by amalthia
elizamechanicka - The Loki Problem
INSTANT REC!!! I had so much fun reading this story. I laughed out loud more than once and had a blast seeing how the team dealt with Loki's cold. :)
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  Length:20k-50k  Genre:Humor  recs-instant!rec  Pairing:Loki/TonyStark 
october 2012 by amalthia
vain_glorious - The Third Son of Odin
This was hilarious. I loved Tony's inner dialogue and I laughed out loud more than once.
Genre:Humor  f4  recs-Avengers  recs-Marvel  length:5k-9k 
july 2012 by amalthia
tsukinofaerii - Gangráðr, Faðmbyggvir Friggjar
I loved the differences between what the bride and groom go through on their night before the wedding.
recs-Thor  f4  pairing:Thor/Jane  Genre:Humor  Length:10k-20k  recs-Marvel 
july 2012 by amalthia
scifigrl47 - Some Things Shouldn't Be a Chore
INSTANT REC!!! This whole series is made of awesome. I had a blast reading and had a hard time laughing quietly.
Genre:Humor  recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  recs-instant!rec  Length:50k-100k  Pairing:PhilCoulson/ClintBarton  Pairing:TonyStark/SteveRogers 
june 2012 by amalthia
eleveninches - The Material Life of the Californian Suburb
I had a blast reading this story. I loved Eames pov, his background, and pretty much everything else. :)
Challenges:InceptionBigBang  f4  recs-Inception  Length:20k-50k  Genre:Humor  Pairing:Arthur/Eames 
march 2012 by amalthia
miss_lanyon - A Charity Case
I absolutely adored this story. Byerly's character voice was spot on and I loved the plot.
recs-Vorkosigan  PairingType:General  f4  Genre:Humor 
december 2011 by amalthia
amcw177 - The Undercover Boogie
INSTANT REC!!! This was so funny and awesome. I loved the concept and the character voices worked for me.
recs-Avengers  f4  recs-instant!rec  Genre:Humor  Length:10k-20k  Pairing:PhilCoulson/Loki  recs-Marvel 
december 2011 by amalthia
dvs - The Last Spartan
This was so much fun to read. I laughed more than once and it was really fantastic crack fic.
recs-X-Men  Pairing:Charles/Erik  f4  Genre:Humor  recs-Marvel  Length:10k-20k 
december 2011 by amalthia
jibrailis: Mr. July
This was so funny and I loved Tony going out of his mind over Steve. :)
recs-Avengers  f4  Genre:Humor  recs-Marvel  Pairing:TonyStark/SteveRogers  from delicious
october 2011 by amalthia
Saone: Excelsior!
This was so much fun to read. It's from the Losers pov and had some really good lines and I loved the concept.
recs-Losers  f4  Genre:Humor  recs-DCU  Trope:Crossover 
august 2011 by amalthia
herostratic: Not Fake Baby Verse
INSTANT REC!!! I don't think I had this much fun reading a story in a long time. I loved the concept, the characters were hilarious, and I could not stop reading once I started.
f4  recs-DCU  Pairing:Clark/Lex  Length:100k-200k  Genre:Humor 
june 2011 by amalthia
waketosleep: It's Electrifying
I LOVED Darcy's character voice and laughed more than once reading this story.
recs-Thor  f4  Genre:Humor  Pairing:Darcy/Hawkeye  recs-Marvel 
may 2011 by amalthia
scraplove: Autocorrect Never Dies
INSTANT REC!!! I don't think I laughed this hard in ages. It's not really a story but all these autocorrect messages gone wrong. It's like Damn You Autocorrect but for Star Trek.
Genre:Humor  f4  recs-instant!rec  recs-StarTrekAOS 
may 2011 by amalthia
Oroburos69: Super (thanks for asking)
I laughed more than once reading this story. I LOVED the one liners, the characters, and it was so funny.
recs-DCU  PairingType:General  Trope:Tentacles  Genre:Humor 
may 2011 by amalthia
mahaliem: Stuck Between Heaven and Hell
I loved the over the top humor and laughed more than once.
recs-Smallville  recs-DCU  f4  Genre:Humor  Pairing:Clark/Lex 
april 2011 by amalthia
mahaliem: Primary Directive
This was so funny. I laughed more than once. I loved Lex's pov.
recs-DCU  genre:humor  pairing:clark/lex  recs-Smallville  f4 
april 2011 by amalthia
jibrailis: Mr. Eames and Mr. Eames
INSTANT REC!!! This story about killed me! I don't think I laughed this hard in ages. :)
recs-Inception  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  Genre:Humor  f4  recs-instant!rec 
april 2011 by amalthia
heygirlfriends: Real Men Don't Wear Girdles
I had a blast reading this story. I loved the dirty songs, the poems mixed in, and the character voice for Gwaine.
recs-Merlin  pairing:Merlin/Gwaine  f4  Trope:First-Time  Genre:Humor  Length:10k-20k 
march 2011 by amalthia
coconabanana: Till Death Do Us Part (And Somehow That Seems To Be Sooner Than Expected)
I had a blast reading this story. The author did a good job of selling Arthur and Eames as the Mr. and Mrs. Smith assassins. I also found many parts of the story funny and touching.
recs-Inception  Length:50k-100k  pairing:arthur/eames  f4  Genre:AlternateUniverse  Genre:Humor 
march 2011 by amalthia
10leaguesbeyond: Character Witness
I LOVED the premise and the character voices. This was short but said a lot.
recs-StargateSG-1  Genre:Humor  f4 
february 2011 by amalthia
kaydeefalls: The Curious Incident of the Harpies in Broad Daylight
I had a blast reading this story. I also would not mind more stories of Gwaine and Lancelot's adventures together.
recs-Merlin  Genre:Humor  PairingType:General  f4 
october 2010 by amalthia
nekomitsu: Praise The Lord (And Pass The Ammunition)
INSTANT REC!!! I had so much fun reading this story. I loved the humor, the way Dean learned to navigate his new situation, and how he came to realize how much he loved Castiel.
recs-Supernatural  Genre:Humor  Pairing:Castiel/Dean  f4  Challenges:SPN-BigBang-2010  recs-instant!rec  Length:20k-50k 
october 2010 by amalthia
captanddeastar: Crossover Bingo: Round Three
I had so much fun reading this story! I loved Peter's character voice and that Sam and Neal got along and the ending was perfect.
recs-Supernatural  recs-WhiteCollar  Peter/Neal  f4  Trope:Crossover  Genre:Humor 
september 2010 by amalthia
like_a_raven: Something Wicked This Way Hums
I had a lot of fun reading this story! I loved Dean's pov and there were plenty of funny moments. :)
recs-Supernatural  Genre:Pre-Series  f4  Genre:Humor  PairingType:Het  Trope:Crossover  recs-Glee  Length:10k-20k 
september 2010 by amalthia
pandarus: The Student Prince
INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I loved the setting, the wide cast of characters, and how Merlin and Arthur gradually fall in love.
recs-Merlin  f5  recs-instant!rec  Genre:AlternateUniverse  Pairing:Merlin/Arthur  Trope:First-Time  Length:100k-200k  Genre:Humor 
july 2010 by amalthia
chibifrieza: Poetic Justice
This was so funny and I'm in awe that so much of this story was told in poem. :)
f4  PairingType:General  recs-Supernatural  Genre:Humor 
july 2010 by amalthia
igrockspock: You're Gonna Make It After All
INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I LOVED Gaila's pov and laughed more than once.
Genre:Humor  PairingType:General  f4  recs-StarTrekAOS 
april 2010 by amalthia
regann: Right Place, Wrong Time
INSTANT REC!!!! I could not put this story down! I loved the premise, the character voices, and had so much fun seeing how the story would unfold.
recs-Psych  Shawn/Lassiter  Trope:First-Time  Length:100k-200k  Genre:Humor  recs-instant!rec  f4 
february 2010 by amalthia
elizah_jane: Everybody's Free (To Be Fannish)
INSTANT REC!!! This was so funny! I don't think I laughed this hard in ages. Do listen to the Sunscreen thing first if you haven't already heard it.
f4  Genre:Humor  recs-instant!rec  Fandom:Meta 
january 2010 by amalthia
forestgreen: No Good Deed
INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. It had action, plot, wonderful team moments and character development. wonderful storytelling all around. :)
sheppard/mitchell  Trope:Crossover  Genre:Humor  recs-StargateAtlantis  recs-StargateSG-1  Genre:AlternateUniverse  Length:50k-100k  f4 
december 2009 by amalthia
basingstoke: Tabloid
I had a blast reading this story. I loved the concept and the character voices felt real.
recs-IronMan  Trope:Crossover  recs-Spiderman  Tony/Peter  f4  Genre:Humor  recs-Marvel 
december 2009 by amalthia
stakeaclaim: The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the plot, character voices, and mostly I just loved seeing Merlin and author from the outsider pov and this had some funny moments!
recs-Merlin  recs-instant!rec  f4  Length:100k-200k  Genre:Humor 
november 2009 by amalthia
gladdecease: The "Kripke Started It" Changing Channels Free For All Meme
This story came from clex-monkie89's changing channels meme and this story was short and fun. :)
recs-Supernatural  f3  Genre:Humor  Trope:Crossover  PairingType:General  recs-StarTrekAOS 
november 2009 by amalthia
maskedfangirl: Stick Together
This was funny! and I loved Castiel's pov and really I felt bad for the sells representative.
recs-Supernatural  f3  PairingType:General  Genre:Humor 
october 2009 by amalthia
magog_83: The Route to Advancement
INSTANT REC!!! I LOVED the original character introduced in this story, the characters were spot on, and I hadn't laughed this hard in ages.
recs-Merlin  f4  recs-instant!rec  PairingType:General  Genre:Humor 
october 2009 by amalthia
flawedamythyst: The Truth In The Lie Header
INSTANT REC!!!! I had a blast reading this story. I LOVED the concept, the character voices, the casefic was compelling and I could not stop reading this story until I had finished. Wonderful storytelling.
Trope:First-Time  recs-Supernatural  recs-instant!rec  f5  Genre:Humor  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
september 2009 by amalthia
flawedamythyst: Brings Back The Child In You
I loved the concept and I had to try very hard to not laugh while reading. This was a lot of fun!
Genre:Humor  recs-Supernatural  f4  Trope:Kidfic  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
august 2009 by amalthia
YouTube - Supernatural's Downfall
This has a bunch of spoilers for season 5 supernatural but omg it's so funny. And yeah, I totally sympathize with Hitler here. :(
vid:recs:spn  f4  Genre:Humor  Fandom:Meta 
july 2009 by amalthia
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