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ninhursag: Diplomatic Efforts
I loved the premise, the character voices, and I could not stop reading once I started.
Warning:Non-Con  Warning:Gangbang  Kirk/OMC  f4  author-vaingirlfic  Trope:Prostitution  recs-StarTrekAOS 
june 2009 by amalthia
vaingirlfic: Four People James T. Kirk Never Told (and three he did)
This story hit me like a punch in the gut, it was emotionally riveting and powerful and felt so real. The character voices were also spot on.
f4  Genre:Pre-Series  Warning:Rape  Warning:Underage  Trope:Five-Ways  author-vaingirlfic  Warning:Child-Abuse  Kirk/Spock/Uhura  recs-StarTrekAOS 
may 2009 by amalthia
vaingirlfic: The Devil's Mark
I couldn't stop reading this story once I started. I loved the plot, the concept, and the character voices.
Length:20k-50k  recs-Supernatural  f4  Warning:Rape  Warning:Slavery  author-vaingirlfic  Warning:Incest  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
december 2008 by amalthia
vaingirlfic: Credit in the Straight World
Just realized this story has a little bit of everything but mostly what I loved were the character voices and the way things play out.
recs-Supernatural  author-vaingirlfic  Trope:Bondage  Trope:First-Time  Length:20k-50k  Genre:Pre-Series  Sam/Jess  Sam/OMC  Sam/OFC  Trope:Spanking  Challenges:SPN-BigBang  Warning:Underage  Trope:Prostitution  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
june 2008 by amalthia

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