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flawedamythyst: Right Where I Belong
I loved this alternate ending to It's a Terrible Life. The character voices were spot on, the sex was hot, and I had a wonderful time reading this story.
recs-Supernatural  f4  Trope:Amnesia  Trope:First-Time  author-flawedamythyst  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
september 2009 by amalthia
flawedamythyst: The Truth In The Lie Header
INSTANT REC!!!! I had a blast reading this story. I LOVED the concept, the character voices, the casefic was compelling and I could not stop reading this story until I had finished. Wonderful storytelling.
author-flawedamythyst  Trope:First-Time  recs-Supernatural  recs-instant!rec  f5  Genre:Humor  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
september 2009 by amalthia
flawedamythyst: Brings Back The Child In You
I loved the concept and I had to try very hard to not laugh while reading. This was a lot of fun!
Genre:Humor  recs-Supernatural  f4  author-flawedamythyst  Trope:Kidfic  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
august 2009 by amalthia
flawedamythyst: Supernatural Fic - Don't Think About It, Just Do It
visible effort, "because I've got come dripping out of my ass."

Sam made a face at the mental image, ignoring the part of his mind that was turned on by it, and waved a tired arm in the direction of the bathroom. "Be my guest," he said. "I think I'm go
author-flawedamythyst  Trope:SexToys  recs-Supernatural  Trope:PWP  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
november 2007 by amalthia
To know is nothing at all
Written in a letter for Alex. She then gave me a whole load of completely invaluable help with it, so that it's so much better than before. I love you, sweetpea, thank you so much.

Ok, so, this is currently untitled - the internet cafe is about to shu
august 2007 by amalthia

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